Cold nights and Creamy Hot Cocoa

With the wind chill factor at -31 degrees tonight, I thought it would be nice to sip on a hot cup of creamy cocoa and share another memory. Growing up, I always loved to have hot cocoa after being outside playing in the mountains of snow. My brothers and I would love to go out and in the hill that sloped up, create “igloos” and “caves” in the snow. We would play outside for hours then come in and have a hot cup of homemade cocoa that mom would make special just for us. I always loved to have the big puffy marshmallows in mine. I would put one in the hot cup and wait for it to get slightly soft by gently pushing the marshmallow into the hot liquid. When it was all melty and chocolatey covered, I would put the marshmallow in my mouth to finish it off. Then I would do it with another one! As I’ve gotten older, hot cocoa kind of became something I didn’t have so often.

Mom carried that tradition on with my boys. They would sit at the table with Poppa and while he was having his coffee, the boys would sit there with their hot cocoa and would sip it off the spoon. They thought they were such big wig’s having a special treat with Poppa (who is pictured below)

Isn’t he such a handsome Poppa!

Recently, I have been enjoying it as a special treat again. I found the recipe for Creamy Hot Cocoa from that is very much like my mom’s recipe but I have also mixed 1/2 cup half and half, 1/2 cup skim milk and about 5 of the Dove Dark Chocolate hearts, microwave until the chocolate melts and whip until smooth! Comforting and Chocolatey!

Now, just for those of you, who like me, need to have something on TOP of your hot cocoa, I have a special photo just for you. I’ve grown out of the marshmallow stage, and into the whipped cream stage…. after you make one of the recipes from above, just take some real whipped cream and squirt it into your hot cocoa. It will become creamy deliciousness!


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