Grumpy, his dad, and the 12 point monster….

Here is my blue-eyed Grumpy with his dad and the 12 point buck his dad got this last hunting season. Grumpy has a passion for hunting like I have a passion for cooking. ummm, I also have a passion for Grumpy!

Anywhoo (a favorite word of my son and grannyloohoo), I thought I would throw in a recipe I found from for venison meatloaf … and since I am showing you a photo of the beginning product, I will also show you a photo of the end product! If you have access to venison, you really should try this meatloaf recipe. It is great to have for dinner with baked potatoes and a vegetable and then for sandwiches afterward! Oh, and btw, the pic of Grumpy, his dad, and the deer are to placate Grumpy for seeing a pic of him on here with me that he did not like!


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    HoneyB, Grumpy & his Dad are so cute! And I love the way you spelled “anywhoo”–might have to borrow that from you! I used to use venison all the time, but my “Grumpy” doesn’t hunt anymore…

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