January 31, 2008

These brownies ARE da bomb!

This evening I sat chatting on IM with my friend Rhonda and I was telling her I felt like baking something. Of course she didn't disagree, but then again Rhonda just offered to pay me on a daily basis to bring her lunch! ha! I decided brownies sounded like a yummy chocolatey idea, so I went on a recipe search. I found a recipe for Brookes Best Bombshell Brownies on allrecipes.com and what a find! These are the best homemade brownies I have ever made! They are chewy in the middle and the edges are crunchy - just the way I like them!

All of my life I have always made brownies from a mix, but after today I highly doubt I will ever buy a mix again!

Now, I told Rhonda that Grumpy would be getting some of these brownies to share with "bub" at work tomorrow, THAT didn't go over too well with her. I believe her response was "oh no he doesn't." I had to explain to her again that Grumpy comes first because I am his honeybunch. She'll live with a few missing brownies from the batch....as I have a confession to make.....

I had to eat one myself!
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