Babies, Showers, Pot Roasts and Puddings

What do all of these have in common you may wonder? Well, not much, but I was involved with all of the above at some point today!

My youngest female cousin, Nichole, had a baby girl 3 weeks ago. There was a baby shower for her today and she was there with the beautiful little girl she named Emma. I’d love to post a photo, but I didn’t ask her permisson to do so, so until I do talk to her and ask permisssion, you’ll have to take my word that the baby is BEAUTIFUL. She was born c-section – and has the most perfect shaped little head, and she smells so much like a ….. baby! Anyway, Congrats to my cousin. She is a lucky girl to have such a sweet little baby in her life.

Now, about the pot roasts!

Since it was Sunday and since I was feeling lazy I decided the easy thing to do would be to make a pot roast. Now mind you, I haven’t made a lot of these in my lifetime. I’ve eaten many but not made them! With the ample supply of venison in the freezer though, I decided I should take a roast out and crock it! I found a recipe on Better Homes and Gardens website and followed the recipe for a slow cooker. It turned out wonderful. The meat was tender and the potatoes were to die for! Grumpy decided after he had one plateful, he had to have a 2nd one!

Now, I’ve been a bad girl and have been making desserts lately. Everyone seems to love me for it, but the figures don’t! However, I have been thinking about bread pudding for a while now and so I decided that since I had left over Italian bread from Valentine day that was drying out – what better way to use it than to make bread pudding? So, I decided to give Better Homes and Gardens another shot and made the Bread pudding from their website. The only ingredient I did not use in the recipe was the grated orange rind. Turned out pretty good and was even better with a little Bryer’s vanilla bean ice cream!


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    Oh my! I have a deer-hunting hubby, too. He is planning to drive out to Colorado this fall with a friend and go elk hunting. I can’t wait to fill our freezer up with that!!

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