Glorified Hamburgers in Gravy?

I’ve been seeing recipes for Salisbury Steak lately and decided it was time to give it a try. I started thinking, just what is so special about this? The recipe sounds like a glorified hamburger (with gravy) to me. I decided to do a web search on it and this (click here) is what I found. Who knew! Not me!

What I liked about this recipe is the fact that it was easy to make and easy to reheat (because Grumpy doesn’t always get home early). I used a recipe from that was submitted by Taste of Home. I kinda messed up on the soup and I’m thinking it was probably because I had read more than one recipe and when I went to buy mushrooms, for some reason I was thinking I needed French Onion Soup. That was ok though because it turned out great! So, if you want steak like mine below – use the condensed French Onion Soup instead of Mushroom in the recipe. I did use venison instead of beef (venison is what we have in our freezer – why buy beef when I already have a lean red meat!?).

The meat was very tender and juicy, the gravy was really flavorful and was awesome to go over oven baked french fries (yeah, I do have some of those convenience fries in my freezer). Grumpy was pretty happy with this meal and since it made 6 patties, he will be having the same thing for dinner tonight!


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    Interesting facts about salisbury steak. My parents used to eat that all of the time. I wonder if I could make it with that fake ground beef stuff? I’ll have to experiment with it sometime…I adore foods with gravy!

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