February 13, 2008

Glorified Hamburgers in Gravy?

I've been seeing recipes for Salisbury Steak lately and decided it was time to give it a try. I started thinking, just what is so special about this? The recipe sounds like a glorified hamburger (with gravy) to me. I decided to do a web search on it and this (click here) is what I found. Who knew! Not me!

What I liked about this recipe is the fact that it was easy to make and easy to reheat (because Grumpy doesn't always get home early). I used a recipe from allrecipes.com that was submitted by Taste of Home. I kinda messed up on the soup and I'm thinking it was probably because I had read more than one recipe and when I went to buy mushrooms, for some reason I was thinking I needed French Onion Soup. That was ok though because it turned out great! So, if you want steak like mine below - use the condensed French Onion Soup instead of Mushroom in the recipe. I did use venison instead of beef (venison is what we have in our freezer - why buy beef when I already have a lean red meat!?).

The meat was very tender and juicy, the gravy was really flavorful and was awesome to go over oven baked french fries (yeah, I do have some of those convenience fries in my freezer). Grumpy was pretty happy with this meal and since it made 6 patties, he will be having the same thing for dinner tonight!


Carrie said...

Interesting facts about salisbury steak. My parents used to eat that all of the time. I wonder if I could make it with that fake ground beef stuff? I'll have to experiment with it sometime...I adore foods with gravy!

Grumpy's Honeybunch said...

I'll bet you could use the canned worthington veggieburger. I've used that to make a meatloaf before (of course I use eggs & cheese in that meatloaf) and really loved it.

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