Goulash but I’m told its American Chop Suey…

So I learned something else new today. In the cooking forum I am a member of, I found out that American Chop Suey is really what I call Goulash! I actually never heard the term before until I heard my MIL talking about her mom making American Chop Suey. I never bothered to ask her what it was….basically because it sounded like something I wouldn’t eat!

I used yet another recipe from allrecipes.com titled Goulash Supreme. This is pretty good when in a pinch to make something for dinner that is quick and easy. Grumpy tells me I overcooked the pasta, but I think it was just because I used whole wheat pasta instead and that has a different texture. He ate it anyway, so either he was starving (which I highly doubt) or he liked it!


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    I’ve never heard of American Chop Suey before either…mind you people around here don’t talk about goulash a lot either, it’s just something I’ve heard on tv. Looks interesting – like it would be nice and comforting on a cold day.

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