February 20, 2008

Raspberries for a hurting heart

True to my word, I made something specially thinking of Andy today. There is something comforting about home baked goodies....and let me say, the students flock into the office where they find out they are there! I made sure to not sit them "out" until Andy came by and got his, but after he was in to get a muffin - well, lets say it wasn't 2 hours and the rest were gone! I hope my home baked goodies helped his little ole heart some! :-)

The muffin recipe was from this blog. I just substituted raspberries for the blueberries. I actually think the raspberries were better!


  1. mmmm....those muffins look good!

  2. HoneyB, did you get a sample & did you like them? They look great.

  3. Hi Granny, yes, I did have one and I like them much better with the raspberries than the blueberries. BUT I love blueberries too. :-) Andy told me he would have to break up more often. ha ha. I told him that he whines all the time, so don't just break up for muffins. I may as well make them so he would stop whining!


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