A Very Grumpy Birthday!

Yup, today Grumpy turned all of 36 years old. I made him the carrot cake recipe on the Joy of Baking website. Unfortunately he spent the day working hard outside, then didn’t get home until 6:30 and proceeded to snowblow the driveway so our company could get in it! He didn’t get in the house for dinner until almost 8 PM.

All that aside……Grumpy made out pretty well this year. Besides getting cash from my parents and his mom, a Lowes gift card from his brother, my children got him a Red Lobster gift card, his dad bought him some tools and so did I! He’s beat and so am I, so this is a short post and I’m heading to my warm beddy bye to cuddle up with my Grumpy and get a good nights rest!


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    well ladies, I honestly believe it looked better than it tasted :-( Going to try Katypi’s carrot cake recipe next time I make one!

    dishy, that is a tupperware cake holder, I’ve had it almost 20 years! lol

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