Eating alone

Yeah, tonight I ate dinner alone. The one night I plan to cook dinner and have everything ready – Grumpy has to be out on call. Go figure! The poor guy, he’s a good 2 hours from home with a cell phone ready to die, in an area where the signal stinks. He couldn’t talk to me long because he had to save his battery charge. So, tonight it’s just me. Guess it was ok because what I made didn’t knock my socks off.

I had planned to make Jumbo Shrimp and Asparagus from All Recipes. I love shrimp and I love asparagus, so I thought it would be a great meal. Eh, It was just so so. I followed the recipe with one exception, I did not have sherry (used all I had left on a venison meal!) but it was just a teaspoon so I didn’t think it would make much of a difference- at least one of the reviewers said it was great even though they didn’t have the sherry. I guess you gotta love soy sauce. I probably won’t waste my yummy shrimp or asparagus on this dish again. It did look pretty though!

OK – UPDATE: This sat overnight in the fridge. Cold it was GOOD, reheated it was GREAT. Grumpy had it tonight and told me this is a keeper…guess somethings just need to sit before they are good!


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    Thank you HoneyB for visiting my blog today. You can’t imagine how I love it when I get comments from new bloggers. I briefly checked out your blog and I can’t wait to read more in your archives. Yours is a sure one to bookmark in my FAVORITES.

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    Thanks Vicki! I enjoyed your blog also – and having the “hunter hubby” in common is nice! I have a post about Grumpy and his hunting in one of my earlier posts :)

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