March 20, 2008

Nutty for Nutella

Last week, for the first time ever, I bought Nutella. I can't believe what I have been missing all my life! I had seen recipes on Tastespotting that featured Nutella and seeing how Giada De Laurentis loves Nutella, I decided that I just had to try it!

I bought the jar at our local co-op for $5.79 (for 13 oz!) My thoughts at the time were "this better be worth almost $6!" The first thing I did when I got in my car was open the jar and stick my finger in it. Oh my goodness! With that first lick I became totally addicted! It reminded me of the creamy center of a lindt hazelnut truffle!

I found this recipe on Delicious Days for Banana Nutella Muffins.
I have had it on my to do list for a few weeks but today was my chance to make them. Lets say, my bananas were ready for use!

Because the recipe is not in cups and measures I tried to convert the recipe. I found I wasn't coming out with even cups so I took out my trusty old weight watchers scale and decided to just weigh everything. I am so glad I did! These muffins are awesome!

Some of the comments on the Delicious Days asked about the chocolate coating and what exactly they used. I didn't really see where there was a specific response that told me (or anyone else) exactly what was used. What I decided upon was Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate squares and melted them in the microwave, then swirled it on top of my muffins. For my muffin that I ate today though - I didn't put the semi-sweet chocolate on it. I confess, I spread Nutella all over the top of mine. I was in heaven! I plan to take these to work tomorrow (it will make Professor Ferro happy!) to share with everyone. Yes, I will keep a couple here for Grumpy :-p

Now I patiently sit here with what is left of my muffin (which I had for lunch!) and wait for our Sleep Comfort bed to arrive. The tracking said it was on its way to be delivered today, but it hasn't shown up yet! I am so anxious to start sleeping in this bed. I really hope it does the trick for Grumpy and helps him to sleep better. Then maybe he won't be so Grumpy anymore! (not!)


  1. Isn't nutella heavenly? I could eat an entire jar.

  2. Oh yes....I wanted to spread it over every inch of my muffin. lol

  3. Oh Honey B, now you have done it. I have a jar in the fridge...shall I spread it on the cheesecake I just made, eat it with a spoon, stuff it into crepes.........

  4. Nutella is so good! Those Nutella and banana muffins sound great. Bookmarked

  5. Bellini..yummm...crepes! LOL, Nutella and Strawberry crepes are on my to do list!

    Kevin, they were good!

  6. one of my favorites is nutella ice cream, but i'm going to have to give these muffins a go - they look heavenly : )

  7. I have never tried nutella...Apparently I am missing out!


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