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Earlier this week SaraLynn of the Happy Baker awarded me the E award! SaraLynn is a new friend I met thru Daring Bakers and I have been reading all 3 of her blogs lately! She is a really sweet person and a terrific mom who likes to cook/bake with her kids! Thank you SaraLynn!

To show my appreciation I would like to pass this award on to some other bloggers that I regularly visit. I have been pretty busy all week and will be even busier this weekend as I am heading off for a two hour drive to Syracuse to shop with the future DIL, her mom, and sister for the wedding (YES I NEED a dress!). I guess I am supposed to pass this on to 10 people, but I only have time for 1/2 of that right now….so I will have to work on this more later.

Medena of Cafe Chocolada. I love her blog and recently I find myself making food I have seen on her blog (alas, the creampuff!) and in the very near future I will be making the Dobos Torte and Chicken Philly Cheesesteak! Check out her blog, you won’t regret it!

Tony Tahhan of Olive Juice . He is also a new daring baker and his first submission was very creative! He is a (transplanted student) fellow New Yorker. For someone so young he is so very well traveled and knowledgeable. I love to read his blog because I know I will learn something new from him!

Carrie of Vegan Deliciousness.
She is also a student who loves to cook (and a fellow cooking forum friend!). She recently switched from vegetarian to vegan and I love watching how she makes some of what are the “meat eater” favorites and transitions them into her vegan lifestyle (not to mention I am mainly omnivorous because of Grumpy).

Lori at The Recipe Girl. Lori has an awesome blog! She also has been given this award already – but because I read her blog on a daily basis and I love what she has to say and show us, I have to give this to her myself! She also has great recipes and beautiful pictures! You won’t be sorry you looked her up!

Kevin of Closet Cooking
. His blog is right up my alley! He first caught my eye when I was browsing on tastespotting and saw his Banana Buttermilk Pancakes w/ Pecans. Since then I read his blog looking for things I could make. He recently made a Baklava that looks to yummy! His photos of his food are so good (I’m envious Kevin!) and I have bookmarked many items on his blog for me to try!


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    wow, I was in Syracuse all day today!! I just got back a couple hours ago. Thank you so much for the award, I absolutely love it!
    I wonder if we passed each other in the mall, haha!

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