Daring Bakers Pops 2nd Challenge – Cheesecake Pops!

So, only my second challenge, and I was so excited. When I found out we were going to make Cheesecake pops, I was ecstatic because my first thought was – these will be perfect for CFY!

First off I want to thank Elle of Feeding My Entusiams and Deborah of Taste and Tell for submitting the recipe of the month – The recipe this month hales from a cookbook entitled, Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey by Jill O’Connor. You can view the recipe at either of their blogs!

If you need a gluten free recipe, you can view one at Ginger Lemon Girl’s site. I visited her site this morning and her pops look great! I have a personal interest in gluten free because of my friend who was just diagnosed with Celiac disease.

Before I started I went in to see if others had made the pops and how they turned out for them. I was finding that many people were having trouble with the cake setting. I thought to myself, “eh, I’m a pro at cheesecake, I will do just fine”……NOT!

I thought that after reading the troubles, that if I used a different sized pan, I would be fine. I read someone else used a 9×11 pan and their cakes seemed to turn out….so I followed suit. My cake pan was still filled right to the top when I poured my batter in. Putting the boiling water in the pan after the cake pan was in for the water bath was a challenge itself! All I could think was, I hope I don’t pour boiling water into my cake! I baked the cake itself for more than an hour, which was longer than the recipe stated. When I pulled the cake out – it didn’t look bad. It hadn’t browned on the top like many others said theirs did- and mine had cooked for well over 1 hour and 15 minutes. So, I was thinking….maybe, just maybe I was in luck – but my luck stopped here.

This is basically where I stopped taking photos – although I did get a photo of the few I did get made into pops. After the cake cooled and sat in the fridge overnight, I was ready to make my pops. I found the top layer and around the edges was cheesecake consistency, where as when I got into the center, it started to become gooey. So, I threw the pan in the freezer after forming a few pops to try to firm it up enough to roll into balls. It was obvious to me I wasn’t going to be able to cut the pops. I managed to get about 9 pops out of a recipe that made 40. Pretty depressing to me considering all the yummy ingredients that was in this recipe. Every time I took the cheesecake out of the freezer and started to form into balls, the cheesecake became liquefied in my hands. I took what I had for balls and froze them over night and dipped them the next morning. I was able to take them to CFY (kept frozen the whole time or I was afraid they would become liquid!) and when they were passed out to the participants, they were told not to save them but to eat them immediately!

The pops were a hit with the women who ate them. WHEN I make these again, I will divide the batter into 2 pans like I have seen other DB’ers do. I’m glad I participated in this challenge even though I was unable to use up all the batter. I know it can be done so I will try again and the next time I will be more successful!

To see how other Daring Baker’s fared, click here.


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    My cheesecake came right to the top of the pan. I almost thought that it was going to spill over! Next time I am going to turn the oven off and let the cheesecake stand for another 5-10 minutes. My middle needed to set just a little longer but otherwise it came out great. Your cheesecakes look amazing and I love the colorful sprinkles!

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    Hi! I had the same problem with too soft cheesecake! I think the problem is that it needs more time to set in the fridge. Traditionally cheesecakes always requires a full day in the fridge to set up, so maybe the freezer was meant as a short cut? Didn’t work so well, did it? =P Still, kudos on finishing the challenge!

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    I’m so sorry you had to deal with meltyness… I just let mine cool and put them directly in the freezer, however, I took too many out at once and they started to thaw and I can totally see how they could have become tofu cheesecake puddles…

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    Sorry you had problems, but your pops are adorable! I was afraid I was going to have cheesecake soup but strangely I ended up with a great texture and consistency for this!


    Who knows!! ;>

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    I guess the solution was to bake the heck out of that cheesecake! I halved the recipe and it stick took 50 minutes. I think the pops you made are adorable!

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    I found that I had to overcook my cheesecake a little, I’m glad I did, because otherwise it would be very difficult to roll the pops! Yours turned out great! Very cute!

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    Good for you for rising to this DB challenge. I find that I should never try a new recipe when it comes to taking something for an event…only the tried and true.

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    It may not have turned as planed but you might be on to something with liquid cheesecake! The ones in the picture look adorable! Great job on the challenge!

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    Despite your problems they look beautiful, Shelby! Hubby wants to make cheesecake pops…I will not be using that recipe. ;o)

    Although that cookbook is high on my Amazon wish list…can’t wait to get it!

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    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your pops look fab too! Sorry you got so few…. I got 46! However they do go soft quite quickly when I take them out of the fridge.

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    You are daring in deed! I’m sorry it didn’t work out perfectly for you but it sounds like you at least liked it enough to try it again sometime!

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    First of all I want to thank you for your kind words in a comment on my blog yesterday.. It is lonely, but now on Tuesday I go on a short visit :) But after that at least, dinner posts should start coming.

    Sorry to hear you had problems with your cheesecake, but those you made really look great! I made only a tiny batch, since there would be noone else around to eat them (and it’s good I did, otherwise I would have eaten faaar to many), and had no problem, but I think keeping the size of the cake down might be a thing that helps.. Anyway, great job!

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    You going to repost when you’ve remade them, with your variations? They look lovely now, so I would be interested to see how you could change them.

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    I ended up baking mine for 65 min. I kept checking it but it was jiggly when I shook it.
    Despite what happened you rose to the challenge and learned something, and thats what its all about! They still look cute!

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    Oh, I would have thought your size pan and longer baking time would have done the trick. What a bummer. I think your pops still look great. Great job!

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    Eeek mine melted too! What I did before taking final photos: hung a huge sign on the freezer door “HE WHO’LL OPEN WON’T HAVE DINNER” LOL It’s just too hot here in Manila! Also, I think our cream cheese suck. I’ve tried even the cheap ones from the US, Australia, and Canada and they’re quite firmer compared to ours. Congrats still for making it to the finished line! :)

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    i’m so sorry. i hate it when things don’t turn out after all the time and ingredients spent for it. try it again! it is so worth it!

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    Ouch! So sorry to hear that the cake didn’t cook through, what a waste of ingredients. Kudos for persevering and making the pops. They do look cute!
    Better luck next time!

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    HoneyB, thank you for your lovely comment on my crazy Mr and Mrs. Cheezypops:)) It led to yours. I love your pops, too! Cute looking. It was fun making them, wasn’t it, although a bit tricky:)

    I am going to subscribe to your blog to read more from you! Cheers from my kitchen!

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    I reduced the recipe, baked it in an 8×8 inch pan without the water bath and I still had to bake it for more than an hour. I let the cheesecake bake until it started to get golden brown on top. At least you were able to make a few of them and they look good.

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    Wow, you are a real trooper. That would have been incredibly frustrating for me :( But I am impressed with the ones you managed – they look great. Good job!!

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    awwww you poor thing, it must have been so sad to see all that batter go to waste!
    But I’m glad that you at least got 9 wonderful pops out of it!
    I kind of did the opposite; baked until I was sure it was set, but the top was very brown. So I lost a lot of cheesecake to the brown… but not nearly as much as you lost to liquid. Oh well!

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    sorry you couldn’t get all your pops, but i’m sure you’ll have better luck next time! your finished pops still look great!

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    i had the same problem w/the center of my cheesecake too – boy did i end up w/a mess on my hands! if you try the caramel, just be warned that it was really mess and hard to dip…wasn’t the prettiest, but they were definitely tasty :)

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    Congratulations on your second challenge…sorry that the batter did that thing for you, too. The recipe in the book gave that cooking time, but it obviously didn’t work some of the time. My half batch was sort of soft in the middle part of the pan, but OK.
    Your pops are super cute. let’s hope May is something easy :)

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