Mom and Me

My mom recently helped with CFY weekend for the first time ever. I have been working these types of weekends since my children were 4 & 5 years old…and they now are 21 & 22! It meant a lot to me to have my mom there with me so she could see just what it is about these weekends (CFY and EFY)that are so special to me, and why I feel like I have to be there and if I can’t be there, I have this void inside of me and I feel blue. I love my mom with all my heart and I hope she realizes just how much she really does mean to me. Mom thinks she made some mistakes when it came to sending me off to private school and not doing some things that she feels she should have to protect me from some incidents in my past. She mentioned this to me on our ride home from the weekend. Being a mom myself, I know exactly how she feels, but I told her this: “Don’t blame yourself. I am happy now and I don’t blame you.”

My heart goes out to my mother and I don’t want her to blame herself for things that were not “perfect” for me. I know how hard it is to do because I tend to do the same thing when I think of decisions I made involving my children and wonder “what if”. My children still love me and I still love my mom. Nothing will ever change that.

I’m a survivor mom and I’m living stronger than ever. Be happy and be proud.


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    You both have something to feel proud of I would think Shelby. I hope you both realize the difference you are making in people’s lives.It just feels good to give back.

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    Awww. I think when we become parents we realize the anguish that our parents went through trying to make everything “perfect” for us. What a sweet mom you have, and what a sweet daughter you are!

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    Thanks for the comments :)

    Tony – when I was just out of HS my mother and I ended up in a photograph for a local newspaper. When the paper came out and I saw the photo, you would have thought we were sisters, not mother and daughter!

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