Tag, I’m it?

Ok, SaraLynn (of the Happy Baker) tagged me a little while ago with a 6 word memoir…I have been so busy I haven’t had a lot of sit down time at the computer to follow thru with my E awards or do the meme…so I’m going to combine them here.

I am supposed to tag 5 more people with the E award. I am giving this to the following people: Feel free to give pass this award on if you wish! If you don’t have time, or aren’t into this, I understand! In any case, I think your blog is excellent – and worth mentioning!

For the E award:

Vegan Deliciousness – her vegetarian dishes make me drool!
Bakerella – this girls blog inspires me! I love it!
Frenchy Addict – I love the photos and crafts that she does!
More than Burnt Toast – all of her food makes me drool! I love it that she updates OFTEN!
What a Dish
– great photos, personality and recipes!

Now for the 6 word memoir:

(6 words that describe me)
1. Compassionate
2. Daring (and no not because of daring bakers! lol)
3. Adventurous
4. Driven
5. Loving

Sara put a few photos up and I thought what a cool idea. I’m posting a few of my favorite photos below.My son Justin and his Fiance Kristina

Chris my drummer son

My brother Steve and me…just before I got all my hair chopped off! I love his goofiness! LOL, we are SO alike!

Grumpy on a fishing trip being silly with a fish kiss….

My kitty Little Man and me…he passed away not long after that photo was taken.

and finally, the most recent of Grumpy and me…Hope you enjoyed!


  1. says

    I found you via Frenchy’s – now with all these cool cooking links you have posted (I have been browsing your site) I can blame you for not getting anything done today :)

    Great site!

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