The Haagen Dazs is here!

It’s here! The ice cream I won from posting a comment on Familia Bencomo’s blog! Thank you AGAIN Amy!

Yes, I had to “taste” test all of them. I suppose Grumpy will get all “your crazy” when he finds out. LOL. I received the Vanilla HoneyBee, Fleur de sel Caramel, Pomengrante Chip, Vanilla Honey & Granola yogurt and a box of snack sized vanilla almond bars.

Lets face it, Haagen Dazs, plain and simple, has awesome ice cream. One of my all time favorite flavors is Coffee and I really liked the Sticky Toffee Pudding! However, I now have some new favorites! I tried the yogurt first – wondering if the granola would be crunchy. It was, so if you like crunchies in your ice cream, GO FOR IT! (Grumpy claimed the Vanilla Honey Yogurt – said it reminded him of oatmeal cookies) I would say that it is on the bottom of my favorites though. The top would be a tie between the Vanilla HoneyBee and Fleur de sel Caramel. If these flavors are in your area, definitely give them a try!


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    Oh WOW, now I’m hungry for Dazs. Will have to add it to my list next time I go for groceries. I saw on TV the other night that they have a lobster ice cream. It was somewheres in Maine I think.

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    How fun!!! We watched The Bee Movie the weekend that we received our box which really tied into HD’s Honey Bee campaign and ate Vanilla HoneyBee (perfect way to explain to kids what the whole meaning of HD’s mission is!). I love it that you tried them all at once! It just goes to show that the right person won the ice cream.

    Big kisses,

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    oh no, I was about ready to go to bed and then I read this. Now I decided to go for a bit of tv and ice cream and put off sleep till later. I’m not gonna lie though, a part of me is glad I made this decadent choice!
    congrats on winning!

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    I loved the sticky toffee pudding!!! That fleur de sel carmal is on my find list. Didnt know there was such a flavor. and Vanilla Honeybee, YUM!

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