1. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday Steve – time for that mid life crisis to kick in. I’m not far behind.
    Bill Hickey

  2. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday Steve. Hitting the big 40 isn’t that bad, although my kids are starting to think I am old! You are as young as you feel and anyways I feel I am now in my “wise” years. Have a great one! Amanda

  3. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday Stephen. It is great to know that I’m not the only one getting “seasoned”.

    Have a great day!


  4. Anonymous says

    Happy B-Day Steve!!! You’re catching up and will soon pass us LOL!! Can’t wait to see you guys soon! Have a great birthday and remember, the “hill” slides down from here so hang on to your britches!

    Sheri-Ann and Russ

  5. Anonymous says

    Also just wanted to wish our Grandpa a Happy Bday too up in Heaven! I am sure Shelby is thinking of him also. Nichole reminded me it was his bday today too…

  6. says

    Steve, I remember having birthdays with Poppy and Ray Loop on your birthday and one picture in particular of you sitting between them both (you were SO little!) and an arm around each of their shoulders! I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you in July! Be ready to have a good ole time at Justin’s wedding! :-)

    Like Michelle and Amanda say – and I’m sure Ann & Marlene and any other family member reading this – we are all loving Gramps right now too and remembering him!

  7. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people….. Hope you have the best birthday ever and many more to come! I remember the day you were born. How old does that make me? -00? I watched you grow and become a fine man. I am proud of you! Happy Birthday to Grandpa too Aunt Marlene

  8. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday Steve! Is it so long ago that you and I went school shopping year after year? Grandpa was very proud you made an appearance on May 1st. He would be 91 today. Have fun and remember we love you. I used to change your diaper and we all loved to kiss your cheeks. You had cheeks! Gotcha! Love you, Aunt Ann

  9. Stephen says

    Thank you to everybody for the birthday wishes. It’s nice to have such good friends and loving family. The 4-0 does not seem so bad yet. I think I had a harder time with my age a few years ago.


  10. Gary says

    Steve, I hope you have a great birthday today. Birthdays aren’t so bad, they just start coming faster and faster. You will start to feel it when you get up from a sitting position. You will wonder where that little ache came from. But it is all good just knowing that you can get up. (standing I mean) lol

    Gary & Louise

  11. says

    You’re just a Spring chicken Steve. Happy Birthday I know you will have a great time with such a loving family. I have given you an award as well Shelby for being such an inspiration:D

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