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Amy, of Familia Bencomo has tagged me with the “Look What I Made” tag. Fortunately, I have made some things from other people’s blogs and I can actually participate! I used to be an allrecipe.com fanatic, but since I found the world of food blogging, well, I just don’t visit that site as much as I used to. Now, because I am using GRUMPY’s computer, and not mine, I can’t post the photos that go with these. but if you browse thru my blog you will find all but the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza one. I will hopefully have a post up about that by tomorrow!


1. List the names of 2-5 recipes you tried from other blogs. Provide a direct link to the recipe. If not available, give the blog link and let the reader search for the recipe by name.

2. Shortly describe your experience with the recipe.

3. Tag 3-5 other bloggers or the authors of the recipes you listed to post the links to the recipes they have tried from other bloggers. Note: If you are new to the blogging world and haven’t had a chance to try any recipes from your fellow foodies, just pass the tag on to someone else.

4. Notify the tagged bloggers about the tag either by leaving a comment on their blogs or by emailing them.

Now on to recipes I have made from other people’s blogs!

1. Foster’s Homemade Granola. I found this on Pittsburgh needs Eated blog. I love this granola recipe and today I bought more whole oats and almonds so I can make more! I have been eating this on my yogurt every morning since I made it!

2. Cupcake Pops. This was from Bakerella’s blog. I thought these were the cutest things when I saw them and immediately I thought of making them for the women who would be attending CFY. These went over really well! (Oh my goodness, when you click on her blogspot, you will be amazed at the newest post she has as well! She has such a great blog!)

3. Nutella Banana Muffins. I found this on Delicious Days blog. I am in love with Nutella and was really craving something with it. I happened to have bananas that needed to be used so I made this recipe. It was delish!

4. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. This was found on For the Love of Food’s blog. I actually made this for dinner this evening and will be posting about it later.

5. I want to give special mention to Medena of Cafe Chocolada. I do read her blog and one day in particular she had made cream puffs. I did make cream puff’s as a result of reading her blog, but I went with my recipe (which if you actually compare her’s to mine, its not much different!

Now, I’m supposed to tag 3-5 other bloggers. I am going to be a rule breaker here and not tag anyone at this time. I haven’t had a lot of communication with fellow bloggers over the last week and I really want to make sure that the person doesn’t mind if I tag them first. If your reading this however and you want to go ahead with the “tag” please feel welcome to!

One more thing before I go tonight…(Grumpy is anxiously waiting my presence downstairs – I think he misses my laptop more than I do! lol). Amy also tagged me with the “I love you this much” award.

If you look at the side panel of my blog, you will see all the bloggers whose pages I frequent. In all fairness, I am going to encourage you to check out those sites as I love them so much I visit them every chance I get! They are all recipients of this award :D.


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    I have been stuck in my daughter’s room, using her desktop, because my laptop decided to take a vacation! I know how it is. You are wonderful, and thank you for kind words!

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