Kristina’s Bridal Shower

Today was the bridal shower for my future daughter-in-law Kristina. That is her to the left arriving at the party. Kristina & Justin have been dating for quite a while now. They started dating the summer of Justin’s Senior year of High School. Kristina was a year ahead of Justin, but that summer, he decided to go to the Bridging Year at CU and therefore, did his senior year and his first year of college at the same time. They both graduated from college the same year – 2 years ago. Justin proposed to Kristina 2 years ago in July and the wedding is this July!

I can’t believe my boy is old enough to be married. Truth be known, I was only 20 when I married his father, 21 when I had him and 22 when I had his brother! So, in all actuality, I was married with two kids at his age!

Krissy’s mom did a lot of work for the party. That woman is amazing! I mean, just look at all the photos below…this is mainly her handiwork (ideas) and the assistance of bridesmaids and her sisters.

The gift table

The wishing well

The dessert table
In case your wondering, I made the creampuffs, the blueberry muffins and the chocolate chocolate chip muffins! All in the photo above!

Kristina’s dad was the cook in the kitchen. They had a brunch shower and served circus shaped waffles, bagels, english muffins, toast, eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit bowl (see it above in the cutest little “pig” watermelon?), cream puffs, blueberry muffins, chocolate chocolate chip muffins, cupcakes, juice, coffee, and tea! Quite the smörgåsbord! I tried to get her dad to look at me so I could take his photo, but no luck. I told him if he let me get one picture I would leave him alone, but he told me he had heard that before and refused to look my way! Sigh. lol

They played a few games (one of which I won!) They had a list of items that if you had it in your purse, you circled it. I had 19 of the items! Who knew you could carry so much in a small purse!) As a winner, I won a purse filled with goodies. I also was one of the winners for the cupcake teapot that decorated the table. The party favor was a ceramic mug (she had multi colors) filled with goodies. You can see the cupcake teapot in the photo to the left. Also in that photo (front L-R) Aunt Marlene, my mother, Aunt Ann. In the back are Mackenzie, my cousin Andrea, and myself.

In the photo to the right here is Kristina and her mom. I told them I wanted to take their photo and they automatically “assumed” the pose! LOL. I told them they were quite “photo savy!”. So was her grandmother and Aunt Liz (below). I didn’t get a picture of Kristina’s Aunt Jillian, but I need to mention her here also as she was a big part of the party planning and did a great deal to help out!

Kristina’s Grandmother & Aunt Liz

This is a photo of Kristina and her sister Kaitlyn (to the left in the dark sweater). Kaitlyn is her Maid of Honor!

When it was time to open the gifts, Kristina’s mom asked me if I would like to do the honor’s of making the “bridal cap.” Of course, I happily obliged! Little did Kristina know that she was going to have to wear the hat after the presents were open! She was a great sport and let me take a photo! Another step towards becoming my “daughter” is complete. Now, in another 6 weeks Kristina will be “officially” a member of our family. Welcome Kristina!


  1. Anonymous says

    Kristina looks absolutely glowing in her bridal cap, like a beautiful southern belle! Such nice photos of an important day. Thank you for sharing!

  2. says

    I had my eyes on the cream puffs. Reading your post, I almost felt like I was there myself (having fun like everyone seems to be having). I hope Kristina knows what a fabulous MIL she’s getting.

  3. says

    How absolutely wonderful!!! Looks like your family is gaining some fun new members. I love baking for these type of events – they’re the best. Imagine… if the happy newlyweds are on the same fast-track as you were, then you could be Grandma HoneyB within 2 years!!! How fun!

    xoxox Amy

  4. says

    Vinty, We used two square plastic plate that were used for the meal.

    Thanks to everyone! She obviously had a great time! Her IM message today was “Thanks to everyone for a fablous time!”

  5. says

    Congratulations! You are so blessed with your children!
    Great job with bridal cap, you are talented! :)
    Justin and Kristina – have a fun, wonderful, blessed life together, and make memories!!! Congrats!

  6. says

    Oh, this looks wonderful. The dessert table started to make me hungry again, even though I just had dinner. Great job!

    And all good wishes to the happy couple!

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