Who made my day?

Barbara of Barbara Bakes, recently awarded me with the You make my day award. I am glad I was able to make her day – but she in turn made my day when she gave me this award! It feels so good to have appreciation shown to you – especially when you weren’t expecting it! We take advantage of a lot in this world today and one of the nice things I have found in blogland is that everyone is friendly and everyone has something wonderful to share! This takes me to passing on the award:

The award rules are: give the award to people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. So I am passing the award on to:

Amy of Familia Bencomo. I had been reading Amy’s blog, enjoying her recipies, and had even read her “about” section where she tells of her love at first sight story and how her blog is the story of “after”. I posted a comment on her giveaway and was one of the winners! Yes, this made my day, but what made my day the most was that Amy actually had thought of me prior to my even commenting to win as Haagen Dazs has a “Save the honey bee” campaign going on! It was nice to hear that I have made enough of an impression on someone to actually remember me in this big ole blogworld! Thanks Amy for making my day!


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    Well, my dear, YOU have made MY day! It is such a thrill to have someone leave a comment on one of my posts & even better when that someone is genuinely nice like you. I love it that you refer to your husband as “Grumpy” because, honestly, don’t we all?!?! You are just “good people” as grandpa used to say & I consider this an honor to have this award coming from you. Thank you!!!

    xoxox Amy

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    Congrats on your award! It is so true, I’m learning quickly, that bloggers, especially cooking/baking bloggers, are the best!

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