4 years of wedded blisfulness

Well, we all know marriage is no bed of roses without the thorns! In this marriage, I say I’m the rose and Grumpy’s the thorn – and like the rose and thorn,we go perfectly together and compliment each other! He’s definitely my protector! Grumpy’s not so bad, really!! (he will probably disagree about me being the rose, he’d probably argue that I’m the thorn, (because I aggravate him – how?) lol – but then, he wouldn’t be Grumpy if he didn’t!) But our personalities are certainly on the extreme of each other. I’m the outgoing, ready and raring to go while Grumpy is the withdrawn, quiet type. I’m full of vim and vigor in the morning (yeah, I’ve been up since 3:30 am today) and Grumpy, well, he like to sleep in! I can’t keep my eye’s open at night (very rarely can I stay awake during a movie) while Grumpy could be up half the night! When we first were together he told me that he never met someone who was so full of energy in the morning. ha ha. I didn’t and still don’t need caffeine to get me going in the morning (but I drink it because I LOVE it!). I just have this natural morning energy.

Grumpy and I have been married 4 years now and together almost 8. I wouldn’t trade my Grumpy for anyone else in this whole big world. He has my heart and I couldn’t imagine my life without him (even though he makes me mad as hell sometimes – as I’m sure I make him also – although I can’t ever imagine why!).

I decided that this morning I would make some special muffins for Grumpy to take with him for breakfast. He loves white chocolate and raspberries so I went on a search and came across a recipe on this site. I started to mix and realized there was no flavoring in the muffin recipe. So, I added some vanilla and almond (because I couldn’t decide what I wanted more!). Here is all I did “different”.

  • I added a tsp of vanilla and 1/2 tsp almond flavoring
  • I baked for only 20 minutes in 400 degree oven
  • I only used 2 Tbsp butter for dipping the muffin tops and I still had left over.
  • I didn’t bother to measure the sugar for dipping, I just put a little in a coffee filter and dipped away.

I was a little worried they might not be sweet enough when I saw there was only 1/3 cup sugar, but then I realized, all that white chocolate would probably balance out the sweetness. I think it could have taken more than just 1 cup of raspberries though. Next time I would probably add another 1/2 cup.

I let my Grumpy stay in bed a little longer before I went up and said “don’t you think it’s about time you got up?”, however I didn’t do that without sliding up beside him and giving him a happy anniversary hug. I sure hope he likes his muffins this morning :)


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    Happy Anniversary! I think I’d like to wake up to these muffins. And it just so happens my husband has tomorrow off…hmmm…

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    Happy Anniversary, Shelby (and Grumpy)!! I love how the raspberries pop in the batter!! great combo with the white chocolate, too!
    I wish you both many more muffin-filled anniversaries!!

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    Lol! Maybe that’s why we’re not married yet! But congrats on being together for 8 years…and counting! Hopefully when we do get married one day, we’ll still be blissful like you guys after the first 4 years of marriage!
    The muffins look wonderful for breakfast! I could eat three of these easily with an espresso!

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    Happy Anniversary! What a joy it is to spend your life with someone you love enough to bake special muffins for! I bet the two of you laugh as often as you drive each other bonkers. For an anniversary, I hope you gave him more than a hug! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    xoxox Amy

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    Congratulations on your anniversary!!! Anyone worth baking muffins for is certainly loved & adored. I bet you two laugh twice as much as you aggravate each other. Only a hug? I know why he’s grumpy! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wishing you health, happiness & harmony for many, many years to come.

    xoxox Amy

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