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Not a food post today. I am sitting here this morning looking over some pictures from our recent trip to Albany. The purpose: find my dress for my son’s wedding! The benefits: Spending time with my mom, aunt’s, cousin & her daughter. It was a girls weekend! We did get to see my cousin’s Gregg & Ryan also who I haven’t seen in a long time. It had been over 2 years since I had seen Gregg!

The ride there is a long ride for us. As you can see by the photo, my cousin’s daughter entertained us some with her violin. Yes, she played her violin in the vehicle! lol.

When we arrived to my aunt’s, my cousin Gregg greeted us with his girl Belle. Yeah, Gregg is such a hottie isn’t he? That girl of his is pretty darn nice to! Gregg kindly showed us home videos Friday evening that was so nostaligic…as Nanny & Poppy were in the videos. They were a little scary too as we all watched how goofy we were back then (ok, ok, some of us are still goofy).

The game plan for Saturday was to get out and about, and not send HoneyB home without a dress for her son’s wedding! Our first stop: Talbots outlet. While my Aunt M got an awesome deal with a pair of slacks, and my mom got a pair of white slacks that I loved (but couldn’t find another pair my size) I left without a dress and feeling slightly depressed because I really hated wearing 2 digit sizes. I mean, if I have to wear a 2 digit size, I would like it to be the smallest one possibe! (a 10!). However, the 12’s were proving to be too tight.

On to our next stop @ Macy’s in Colonie Center Mall. While my Aunt M, Mom, Cousin & her daughter were scanning racks, my Aunt A was helping me pull every 14 off the rack, whether I liked how it looked or not. We then came across a plum dress that I loved the style of, but when searching for a 14, there one none to be found. There was only a 8 & 10. I left the dress and went looking for other dresses. However, I loved the style of the dress. It was the one I wanted. Since I was grabbing everything possible, I decided, why not? I’ll see how far I can get it on anyway! So, we went into the changing room. With each dress I tried on, I was disappointed. Not only were they not “me” (and btw, I hate dresses!) but none of them fit right. Last but not least, I tried on the dress that was doomed not to fit me…..BUT… actually FIT! I was elated! So, I left with my dress as did all the rest of the group! So Macy’s sold us all our dresses to wear to the wedding. From that point, we went to the food court, had a snack and off to Boscov’s where I found my scarf and purse to go with the dress! Oh, before I forget, my mom also found an awesome dress. She is going to be so classy looking. I won’t go into details because of course, after the wedding, I will post some photos. I think my mom is going to be stunning!

We then left the mall and met up with Ryan for dinner at Red Lobster. We had a great meal and nice quality family time! Something we very rarely get! That is Ryan to the right. He’s just as hunkie as Gregg. Actually, in this photo, I can really see where they look a lot alike! After dinner, my cousin (Andrea) and I went with Ryan to Target & the liquor store. Andrea wanted to make “sex on the beach” and we needed some key ingredients! We then headed back to the house for a relaxing evening after a full day of shopping!

Here are a few pictures of our evening:Gregg & me. He looks much better than me! So, I hope your gravitating toward his handsome smile and ignoring the goofy look on my face.
Gregg & Andrea

Belle trying to get at the pistachios! Yes, that is a sex on the beach drink in front of my Aunt!

I’m leaving you this morning with a picture of my 3 favorite ladies in the world. My mom, Aunt Marlene & Aunt Ann. Thanks to Aunt Ann for having us all there, to Gregg for putting up with all us “old hens”, Belle for comforting me some(as that is the weekend I lost my Peabody), Ryan for carting Andrea and I around after dinner, Mckenzie for her violin entertainment, and my Aunt Marlene for carting us all there and back.


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    what a great post! My family just dropped me off in my new apartment and it feels like I’ve been unpacking forever. Congrats on finding a dress! Now it’s time for me to catch up on your blog : )

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    You know…. I read this last week & thought I had left a comment, but the kids must have distracted me. Kids!! So glad to hear that you have a great dress to wear for the big day. My goodness, buy a pretty hankie too. I always cry at weddings & I can’t even begin to imagine the water works for my son’s!

    xoxox Amy

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