Have you noticed I like spicy foods??

Yup. Spicy Black Bean Burgers, Cheese Enchiladas (not too spicy, but it has mexican spices!), Venison Fajitas, Mango Chipotle Sausage Pizza (which was so yummy!), Velvet Shrimp (gotta love that Old Bay Seasoning), Buffalo Chicken Pizza (and I had to make personal pan size because Grumpy won’t eat it!). Wow, as I read this, I realize there is only one of these dishes that Grumpy loves and that is the Velvet Shrimp. What is wrong with this man anyway? Maybe his name needs to be changed to PICKY GRUMPY. He ate all the other dishes except the Buffalo Chicken Pizza because it was mine and mine alone!

Well, the point of all this, is I found this recipe on Tarah’s site “Genesis of a Cook.” The recipe is one by Giada DeLaurentis (one of my favorites!). Spicy Baked Macaroni. Tarah has the recipe on her blog and you can view it by clicking here.

Although I love Giada’s recipes, I would probably change it a little when making it for myself again. I love nutmeg, but I love it in eggnog and cookies. I haven’t had much opportunity to use it in savory dishes, and I could taste it too much in the dish and I really would rather not. So, when making again – I would leave out the nutmeg. Grumpy didn’t like the tomatoes, but I thought that was one of the best ingredients in the dish! Sigh. We will never agree. Hopefully my son Chris will like it and help me eat what is left!

I would have more photos, but something odd is happening to my camera and i wasn’t able to get many good shots. Figures my camera would go kaput right before my son’s wedding, and of course, with the wedding, I certainly can’t afford to buy myself a new camera right now. I just may have to borrow Grumpy # 1’s camera for the wedding.

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    I love spicy food too! Especially Tex-Mex/Mexican food. The bf is always grumbling about how he hates that kind of food…yet he always has second helpings it seems when I make it…highly suspicious.

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