Yes, we have no B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

And why do we have no bananas? Because I used them this morning, that’s why! I found an adapted recipe for Dori Greenspan’s Banana Bundt Cake on montcarte‘s blog. She had made a Rum Drenched Banana Bundt Cake. The title really appealed to me, but because I had no rum in the house, I decided to use the Lemon Glaze for the recipe that she provided. If you want to view the recipe click here to go to Kim’s blog about this cake.

This morning I woke up early as usual, but instead of heading off early to the University to work out, I stayed home and accomplished a TON of work before leaving for work! (3- loads of laundry, putting dishes away from the dishwasher, AND making this cake!). There have been 3 very stressed out people in the office the last week. This is the crunch for our ABET self study to be submitted. So, last week I made the Almond Joy Muffin’s (for the 2nd time! they are so yumm!) that I found on Elle’s blog. Everyone loved them by the way! So this morning, I took half of this banana cake in to “comfort” Levon and Stefan as they have been working so hard! Oh, yeah, I did comfort myself with a piece too!

My son also called me after having a slice of the cake to find out what I made the glaze with because he thought it was awesome. I was blown away by this and it just goes to show fresh is best! I could have used lemon juice out of a jar, but I don’t like to go that route and I like to use the freshest ingredients possible for the best taste! Guess it showed!

So, Kim, thank you for posting the recipe for this cake. I probably will try it with the rum sauce in the future (and make double the glaze!) when I actually have some rum in my house again! You were a part in making today special for a few people!


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    omg, I love banana bread and the lemon icing is something I’ve never tried on mine. This sounds like a great sunday treat, perfect to share with my new neighbors and also use up my not so pretty bananas… I’m gonna go ahead and put rum in mine though : )

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    I’m happy you enjoyed the cake! Thanks for posting about it.

    I also like knowing that the lemon glaze was a hit – I know what to try this cake with next time now!

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