July 15, 2008

23 years ago today "Just-in time!"

I gave birth to my very first baby....he was so little (7lb 15 oz) 21" long. We were going to name him Paul Edward (his dad's middle and grandpa's middle name), but, when I saw him for the first time I knew that was not his name! He left the hospital with the name of Justin Michael - and his daddy agreed! Justin was one of the most special gifts I could have ever received. I remember when he was born, my cousin Michelle would say "he was born "Just-in time!" lol. He sure was, because I was in labor for that boy over 36 hours and still ended up in C-section! But, he was sure worth all that pain!

Justin was a joy (and still is!) to have. He was a happy baby - even when he would have his dad and I awake in the middle of the night - thinking it was time to play! I am so proud of my son and who he has become. He went through 4 years of university, obtained a degree in Computer Science with a Math minor, met the girl of his dreams his Sr. year of H.S. and recently married her!

I have a couple of memories I want to post here today...I'm not sure Justin will remember them, but I know some people will! Justin had a knit blanket and he loved the fuzziness of it. One of his favorite things to do was suck his thumb and hold that blanket under his nose. I remember my Aunt Marlene threatening to "charge" Justin for the cotton he would pull out of her box (she was a hairdresser) so he could rub it under his nose while sucking his thumb!

Another memory that involves a blanket! We talked about this just recently on my trip to my Aunt Ann's house to buy my dress for Justin's wedding! One year I went to visit my Aunt Ann and took the boys with me (and my mom). Justin was left with my uncle while us girls went out for a bit. When we got back we were told how Justin was running away from my uncle with his blanket dragging behind him through the yard! That must have been a sight and I sure wish I could have seen that one!

That is Poppa above with Justin in my very favorite photo of him and has been on my refrigerator for years. My dad and mom (Poppa & Momma) had a farm when Justin was little. He was scared to death to go in the barn because he was afraid of the cows poop hitting him. Poor little thing. LOL

So, for my boy, whom I love dearly and think of every single day, that I love to still get hugs and kisses from, I hope this birthday is your happiest as you start a new phase of your life with Kristina. I will leave you with one of my favorite photos of Justin & Kristina's wedding day. It was one of the last photos taken and it is of them looking out at the sunset at the end of the day. To me, it signifies them looking out to their future. Happy Birthday Justin! XOXO

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