Did I dare?

I sure did! I wasn’t so sure I was wanting to but am glad I did! The challenge this month ~ Filbert Gateau with Praline Buttercream from Great Cakes by Carol Walter was chosen by Chris of Mele Cotte. The recipe is quite long, with many different components, but what else would we expect for a daring baker challenge?! Great choice Chris!

With the costs of everything rising, I had a hard time convincing myself to buy hazelnuts that maybe nobody here would eat in the cake. But, I knew if nobody but me at home woud eat it, that someone outside of my home would. So I splurged.

Skinning the nuts wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be! I even have some hazelnuts left over for a special treat in the future.

We even had to make our own praline for the butter cream – which was something I had never done before!

I wasn’t sure I would like this cake because I was not extremely fond of the Opera Cake we made a few months ago. However, as it turned out, I was the one in the household who liked it best. It wasn’t as sweet as the Opera Cake and I think that was why I liked it so much more. However, Grumpy’s favorite still is the Opera Cake.

Chris (my son Chris, not Chris of Mele Cotte!) on the other hand thought it was too rich. I think it probably was the buttercream – I made a full recipe of it and used all of it – even though I halved the genoise part!! All in all I am glad I did get to do this challenge. I think I got better at my decorating skills this time around – even though I didn’t get the praline quite as fine as I needed to (some chunks would at times stop my piping of the butter cream which made it not too perfect looking!)

There are many beautifully decorated cakes made by other Daring Bakers. Go ahead and check them out, you know you want to! To not make this such a long post, I will guide you back to Chris of Mele Cotte where you can view the recipe.

For now, I will leave you with a one more photo of the cake!


  1. says

    Your pictures (especially that last one!) make me sorry I didn’t participate this month. But I’ll have to try that praline buttercream for sure! Your cake is beautiful. :)

  2. Katypi says

    I’m a lazy baker, but I wouldn’t have a problem pulling up a chair and having a big slice of your beautiful cake!

  3. says

    Thanks for the comment.

    Great job! The texture of the genoise looks amazing. I concur, I thought this was better than the Opera cake, though due to using the same flavorings, it tasted just about the same, just less rich.

  4. says

    Your cake looks really good. I guess all the DB cakes and buttercream are giving us a lot of practice with piping!
    Yes I also found this cake better than the Opera and not too sweet.

  5. says

    Your cake is gorgeous, I love the shiny ganache glaze and the decorations.
    Due to the weather here, I had another boxing match just as I did with the danish braid, I think I’ll become a butter-boxer 😀
    thanks for stoppimg by my blog It makes me happy

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