Keeping my guys healthy….in a sneaky way

Did you know that broccoli is good for your prostrate? It has vitamin C and beta carotene which are important antioxidants known to reduce risk of cataracks, heart diesase and cancer! Broccoli is also full of fiber (probably why it is good for your prostrate!). So, tonight, I decided to make my guys broccoli salad to go with their dinner. Not to mention that I have been thinking about this salad for about the last week and finally got the broccoli and bacon needed to make it!

Below is the widget from Key Ingredient where you can easily print the recipe. Hope you enjoy!

Broccoli Salad

I took different recipes and changed them up to fit …See Broccoli Salad on Key Ingredient.


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    I love this broccoli salad! It is so perfect in the summer! I remember eating this salad nearly everyday for a month. I think it’s time to have it again. Yours looks and sounds great!

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