You know how you get that woozy feeling when you think someone important has noticed you? Sort of like Cathy, of the Noble Pig, when she she said that she thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger was reading her blog? I mentioned to Grumpy about Cathy’s excitement over Arnold last week when I read her post. Its funny, we talk about people like we know them in Blogland. Grumpy’s like, who’s Princess Pig? augh. I’m like, it’s the NOBLE PIG and she’s the blogger who bought her own property to grow vineyards on them, the Wild Boar is her hubby and the hooligans are her kids! Duh, Grumpy! Well, even if it means nothing to him, it means a whole lot to me!! :-p

Last evening, as we were getting ready for bed, I told Grumpy about some of the blogs I read. I told him about Jenny from Picky Palate. I informed she’s been reading my blog and I felt honored that people that I admire actually read my blog. I’m telling him how she’s won cooking contests, has been on food netwook…I think I would have impressed him more if I had said she was on the Outdoor Channel hosting a hunting show and shot a monster buck…But in any case, it impresses me and that’s all that matters in this household! Then, I found when I was reading one of her comments, that she left me an award! I was like “Oh my God Grumpy, she likes the title of my blog and she gave me the Smile award!!!” LOL. Jenny totally made my day this morning! I told Grumpy he ought to feel honored himself….since I use his name in my title! He’s like, “OMG, OMG. LOL (he got a slap for that Jenny). He was just picking on me, because he actually sat here tonight and looked at the blogs I had been talking about lately with me! Guess his curiosity got the best of him! Thank you for making my day and giving me the Smile award!

This afternoon, when taking a much needed work break, I checked my blog and saw that Elle, of Elle’s New England Kitchen left me the I love you this much award! I found Elle thru her awesome photos and started reading her blog – I fell in love with her recipes and photos. Elle is an awesome cook and you can see her passion for it in her posting!

Elle also created a new award to show appreciation to all the hard working food bloggers out there. I am posting this award here for those of you who work hard and deserve that pat on the back. Elle say’s to post this award on your blog and pass it on to those you wish. Thank you Elle for the award!

Then, this evening when I checked in, I see that cookinpanda of Flexitarian Menu left me the
Arte Y Pico award! Cookinpanda is the one who introduced me to the word Flexitarian! When I read the definition I immeadiately thought “that is me!”. I follow her blog because I just “know” that I am going to love her ideas. Plus, we are kindred spririt because we have the same eating habits! Thank you Cookinpanda for the award!

Now I am supposed to pass these awards on to 5 people (each award) but I can’t find it in myself to do that. I can’t ignore all my favorites! So, I am passing these awards on to all of my readers. I feel that if you are here enjoying my blog as I do yours, then you are part of these awards to begin with so they belong to you also! If you have a blog, please take these awards and place them on your blog and if you feel like sharing, then please do!

Lastly but not least – thank you to all who read my blog. Your helping me to fulfill my deep rooted desire to cook and feed others (even if it is with just your eyes you are feeding!).


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    OMG I am laughing so hard becuase hubby and I were talking and I said, I hope one day at my winery I get a phone call in my office one day and it’s the receptionist saying…”ummm, you have some people here to see you…and I say who is it…and she says…it’s Grumpy’s Honeybunch, Asthmagirl, Mental Pause Mama, Jenny on The Spot, Tartlette and Insane Mama…do you know them?

    Point being, it’s hilarious what we call each other…you are so funny and deserved every award.

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    I don’t know how I missed this post but I did (just read it tonight). I’m not surprised so many people are admiring your blog and the recipes you post. You make my mouth water every time.

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