Surprise, Surprise!!

I love my Martha Stewart Cookies cookbook! Today I made my 3rd recipe from this book and the recipe I made is definitely a keeper! Since I am on vacation still (but alas, it is coming to an end) I felt that I should bake something for the guys lunches. This would be an awesome bake sale item also! It is a soft, chocolate cookie with marshmallow inside and a chocolate fudge like topping. When you eat this cookie however, be prepared to have your glass of milk alongside of it, because you will need it! This cookie is almost like eating little cakes. So far, I am the only one in the house who has eaten one. However, I have a feeling this cookie is going to be liked by Grumpy too.

Today I used the Key Ingredient widget for my recipes. I think it is great for condensing the recipe and including a photo! Below is the recipe:

Surprise Cookies

I have been eying this recipe from Martha Stewart’s …See Surprise Cookies on Key Ingredient.


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    I agree with clumbsy cookie, I want to be surprised by these cookies too! But you’re right, I would definitely need a tall glass of cold milk to go along with them!

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    Those look SO good! They remind me of some brownies my mom makes w/marshmallows and frosting. I have that Martha Stewart book, so I’ll def. have to make them!

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    I generally don’t eat cookies, but i gotta admit these made me crave for something really sweet. I might have to try and make a batch of these, even though I’m horrible at baking.

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