Taste & Create with Tangerine’s Mango Drink

This is my first month with Taste & Create. I have read many posts for this event in the past and decided it was right up my alley so I signed up! I was paired with Rachel of Tangerine’s Kitchen. When I found out who my partner was, I went to her site and checked out her postings to see what I would like to make the most. I love Indian food….as a matter of fact, I’m devastated that the one and only restaurant we had in our area closed. One of my favorite things to have when I would go would be the Mango Lassi. SO, imagine my delight when I see that Rachel had a mango drink on her site. I had originally had planned to make the Banana/Cardamon shake, but when I went back to her site the other day and saw she had a Mango drink, I changed my mind….and I will make the Banana shake later!

Rachel had made this drink for another event and had adapted her recipe from someone else’s. I basically followed Rachel, but ended up using canned mangos as the fresh one’s here were all too green. It turned out scrumptious and I am so pleased! I now have a recipe to make my favorite drink!


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    Yummy flavor combos! You have a fabulous blog. I could spend all day snooping around at all your yummy recipes. Congrats on all of your awards. They’re obviously well deserved!

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    Taste & Create is a lot of fun. I haven't signed up in a while, but this makes me want to put it on my calendar so I won't forget. Your (Tangerine's) Mango Drink sounds yummy. My hunkster enjoys smoothie type drinks and this one sounds perfect for summer!

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    This sounds like a fun event! Mango lassi is great, I would drink a huge glass now to calm the heat down. Well done to you and to the lady from tangerine’s kitchen!

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    We are huge fans on mangos here so this will certainly be made soon. Too bad about your Indian restaurant closing. You’ll have to be sneaky to make Indian at home.

    xoxox Amy

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