Tonights the night

that Grumpy & Chris got their way. Last night both of them had comments about what I “should” be making. Chris said, “you should make Chicken Parmesan,” and Grumpy said “you should make Country Fried Steak.” Who won? Well, Chris did because I didn’t have cube steak in the freezer. he he.
So, on my last “official” day of vacation, besides being absolutely lazy and not doing much but take a nap on the couch, make my bed, start to pack my bag for tomorrow’s boat trip, and take a late day shower, I managed to squeeze a bit of time in there to make the Chicken Parm.

Since I have “so” much to do (actually we are leaving town tonight for our boat trip tomorrow!), I am making this a quickie post – and will just leave you with the widget to Key Ingredient that you can easily print the recipes for if you wish!

Quick and Easy Tomato Sauce

A recipe from Cooking Light that I use on my …See Quick and Easy Tomato Sauce on Key Ingredient.

Chicken Parmesan

A Cooking Light recipe that is totally loved and enjoyed …See Chicken Parmesan on Key Ingredient.


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