Too much time on my hands?!

Ok, I may be dating myself somewhat here, but do you know the song “Too much time on my hands” by Styx? Well, that is ME! I have been on vacation almost 2 full weeks now and I must say, (as much as I totally hate to) that I am freaking ready to go back to work!! Yup. I’ve about had it. I have one more day by myself in this house and I think if I don’t get out again tomorrow, that I will lose my sanity. As you can see from my earlier post this afternoon, I already have started to digress some!

When I get bored and antsy like this, I get a little stubborn also. I don’t get to eat Mexican “type” food often because Grumpy just doesn’t care for it (I know, what is wrong with him!). Well, I decided that if we can go to a restaurant and he can order taco salad, why can’t I make it at home for dinner? Ha ha. How do you think that went over? Not too well. I was told I needed to add a steak or porkchop to the picture. Oh, clam it Grumpy! lol I told him he could have more than one salad bowl and he would be full. I wanted my taco salad! I bet you all will be happy to see me go back to work eh?

Below is my widget for the recipe from Key Ingredient. Please note that in the about section that the taco meat and taco seasoning recipe is from Eating Etc.

Taco Salad

Fresh garden grown cilantro brings this salad to it's …See Taco Salad on Key Ingredient.


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    Sounds like my Sweetie…he loves his meat! The taco salad looks super yummy…what is wrong with Grumpy? Probably to healthy :)

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    I love taco salad. We had it camping last weekend, and my husband felt cheated that we used tortilla chips instead of a bowl. But what does he expect while camping?

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    Love the looks of those little taco salads! I made some like that a while ago and the family loves them! Have a great weekend!

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