Daring Bakers make Chocolate Eclairs

This month’s recipe was chosen by Meeta of What’s for Lunch Honey? and her co-host, Tony of Olive Juice. A chocolate eclair recipe from Pierre Hermé!

I have made cream puffs many times in my life and I have even blogged about them. The challenging part to me was actually forming the pastry dough into an eclair shape. EH, I don’t think I did too awful bad.

The day I made the eclairs was the day we had a family tragedy and I didn’t get great photos. I was thinking because we like to eat these, I would make them again, but alas, I didn’t get the chance. I probably will attempt the eclair shape again. I didn’t have horrible luck. It isn’t often that I mess up cream puff dough (but it can happen!). My eclairs puffed up nicely and for the pastry cream I used the one I posted here – with butterscotch schnapps – totally by accident! I was going to use amaretto in the pastry cream and I grabbed the wrong bottle! Oh well, the pastry cream tasted great anyway!

To see what my fellow Daring Bakers did with their challenge this month, check out the blogroll. I had some pretty amazing previews in our DB Challenge forum so you don’t want to miss out!


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    Ohhh I think your “mistake” was definitely a keeper – butterscotch filling.. *swoon*

    Another beautiful challenge, sweetie!!


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    Oh dear…hope all is Ok now? This is a pretty neat challenge…good for you. Can imagine the amaretto fiasco…LOL..I put a tbsp of coffee into the kids milk this morning iso nesquick!! My kids couldn’t figure out what was wrong!! You should have seen their faces!!

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    Like the way your filled your eclairs and the raspberries are a great addition. I can imagine the butterscotch schnapps going so well with them.

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    HB, I hope things are as well as they can be for you. Always in visiting I see such a great optimism and acceptance of how things are in your posts!
    As for the butterscotch filled eclairs….what a perfect mistake they turned out to be!!!

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    “Accidents” like yours, like using the wrong liqueor in a recipe, are what leads to new and exciting food. Brownies were invented when a baker accidentally left the leavening agents out of a cake batter! Nice job.

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    Looks like a happy mistake indeed!! :-) I wish I could have tasted your experiment!

    On another note though I am sorry to hear that you had a tragedy. I hope everything is ok!

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    These months always seem so short when trying to squeeze in the daring baker challenge and make it perfectly, huh? Don’t worry, your eclairs still look great!

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    Uuuh… raspberries inside sound delicious!
    Sorry you couldn’t enjoy yout éclairs so much due to your family tragedy. Hope everything is alright.

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    Oh, girlfriend, it's been much too long! Sorry for being absent for such a long time. I can see that you have been keeping quite busy.

    Sorry to hear about family tragedy. I hope things are OK.

    Your eclairs look divine! It sounds like you are a pro at these puff pastry – I could have used your mentoring (or at least your schnapps!).

    Big kisses to you & I am back on track with keeping up with my favorite bloggers.

    xoxox Amy

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    Sorry about the family tragedy, hope things are better soon.

    The raspberries add such a freshness…wish I’d thought to add fresh fruit. It looks beautiful!

  11. Anonymous says

    I should have used Raspberries, they are my favorite…yours look wonderful! I wish I had more to eat now while looking at everyone’s. I’m hungry!


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    what?! your eclairs look beautiful!! Let me know whenever you want to make eclairs again and I’ll make them too :)
    (the pastry cream link didn’t open though… I’m dying for more pastry cream and the butterscotch addition sounds delicious! haha)

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    I’m so sorry to here about your family… I hope everything is better now.
    The éclairs are beautiful! I love the addition of fresh berries.

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    I hope everything’s okay with your family now? These look fabulous; butterscotch snapps pastry cream sounds like a very happy accident to me XD.

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    nice job! I love the raspberries. Im sorry to hear your family is going through a hard time. Life can be So unexpected at times. take comfort in each other.

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    it looks pretty damn good to me! love the raspberries peeking out from the glaze and the pastry cream. and butterscotch schnapps? I’d like to raid your liquor cabinet!!!

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