Granola Grabbers

This week, Michelle of Bad Girl Baking chose: Granola Grabbers on page 82 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking cookbook. I’m glad she did, because otherwise, I may not have made this because of the title! See, Grumpy doesn’t like cookies that go hard and the title made me think it would be a cookie that went hard. Maybe if I had totally stuck to the recipe, they would have been crunchier, but the cookies I made turned slightly crunchy around the edges but chewy on the inside – just what I was hoping for! You can view the recipe on Michelle’s site.

What I did different from Dorie:

Instead of Granola I used Great Grain’s Pecan, Date, Walnut cereal
Instead of raisins I used a dried fruit mix medley from Aldi grocery
I added about 1/4 more coconut (decided to use it rather than put just about that much back in the cupboard)

I really believe these contributions added a bit of “moisture” to the recipe – more than granola and raisins would have anyway. Needless to say, Grumpy liked them. Last night when he got home he was eating one after another until I finally had to tell him to stop or I wouldn’t make him dinner! However, I did eat 4 for breakfast that morning also. Guess I was just as guilty….

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    Great looking cookies, I agree – softer is better when it comes to these. And I am totally in agreement – don’t put little bits back in the pantry, throw it in!
    Glad you loved it too.

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    Hey..I saw you visited my blog this morning…I had to go back and edit more than half of it if you want to look again! The wods were super small and you could not read them. Anyways your cookies look so good! Im glad they turned out good for you!

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    i followed the recipe almost exactly and mine stayed chewy, too – which is one reason i like them so much. extra coconut sounds great….

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    Your subs sound like they made a yummy cookie. I like the texture that these had as a bar cookie. They were firm around the edges, but really quite good. Glad they were a hit, and these are PERFECT for breakfast.

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    Ours were moist and chewy also, but maybe a bigger proportion of “stuff” to “dough binder” than yours, judging from the pictures. They did tend to disappear from the plate!

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    Those look fabulous! My brother makes all his chocolate chip cookies with Great Grains pecan cereal, and they are my absolute favorite. Great idea!

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    I am all about going over the measurement to use up that last little bit in the bag. Why not?! Cookies look yummy. Glad you and Grumpy liked them. Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

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    Saw you visited my blog (thanks!) and thought I’d check your’s out – glad I did, looks like you’ve got some really good recipes I’m going to have to try! I agree with some of the others about this being a good breakfast cookie – I ate a couple this morning and they were great with coffee!

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