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A few weeks ago when reading through some Tuesday’s with Dorie postings I came across the blog South in your Mouth by Amy. On her side bar labels I noticed that she had 25 chocolate chip cookie recipes she had blogged about! Well, if she had made that many recipes, she had to know something, right?! Oh, I was definitely on the right track….

Amy was comparing the New York Times Torres chocolate chip recipe to the David Lebivoitz recipe. I had seen the NY Times recipe and heard all the hype, even in the cooking forum I frequent, but had not decided to make the cookie basically because I am not a huge chocolate chip fan. BUT when I saw this recipe called for sea salt, well, I became sold. I knew I had to try the cookie because I have fallen in love with sea salt (the French Grey Sea salt)! I had also decided what better time for me to make cookies as we have a joint seminar this Friday. I mixed the cookies up on Sunday afternoon and planned to bake them on Monday after I got home from work. As many of you read on my TWD post, when I woke up Monday morning we had no power. So, much to my avail when I got home Monday evening and saw we still had no power, I was unable to bake the cookies. We ran the generator and kept the fridge and freezer running and when I arrived home from work on Tuesday evening, the power was back. Thank goodness!

First thing I did was clean the fridge and freezer out. I tossed the items I didn’t dare keep anymore and after I cleaned up the kitchen I set out to bake the cookies. These cookies take the cake. lol Seriously! They call for cake flour and bread flour! They are awesome. They were crunchy on the edges, chewy on the inside and that touch of salt and chocolate was AWESOME. If you haven’t made the NY Times recipe yet, I ask you one question. What on earth are you waiting for!?? Click here to go to the recipe!

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    I must must make these!! I love sweet and salty together. Now if I can jusr convince Phil that sweet and salty go together I’ll be all set.
    Where did you find your French Grey Sea Salt? I’d like to try it.
    I’m sorry to hear that you lost power for that long. My parents back in Ohio were without it for 2 days. They treated it like a big adventure…it was pretty funny.

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    Salty and sweet is always a good combo. I’m fascinated by how the internet has been abuzz about chocolate chip cookies. Here’s the ultimate easy, homey food and we have to go and make it complicated! Human nature is amusing.

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    I love c.c. cookies. I want to give these a try. Did you substitute any of the flours at all? I need to send my son some goodies at college. He’s missing home cooking.

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