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Did I mention that I have fallen in love with Pam’s blog, For the Love of Cooking? If you happened to miss that, then I am here to tell you yet again. I LOVE PAM’S BLOG!! Not only that, Grumpy and his daddy were happy campers….and so was one other special little family member.I think that just looking at Pam’s blog I could gain weight if looking actually made you do so. You will probably see me trying more than a few of her recipes here because they are right up our alley! When Grumpy is home on weekends (meaning he is not on call) I like to make sure we have meals that make him happy. We have an overabundance of venison in our freezer still, and hunting season (early archery) starts here next week so meatballs were a perfect choice. Today when my parents stopped by I gave them two bags full of stew and ground venison to help us clean up last years meat. I also gave my dad one of the meatballs (mom is vegetarian and doesn’t eat meat). His verdict was the meatball was very good. This was without the sauce as it wasn’t finished yet. You can view Pam’s recipe by clicking HERE.

I made the meatballs following Pam’s recipe with the following changes:

  • I used ground venison instead of ground beef (our venison is also mixed with pork when taken to the butcher so this adds some flavor other than that of venison)
  • I didn’t have button mushrooms, but I did have some portabello caps in the fridge, so I subbed them where it called for the button mushrooms
  • I didn’t have fresh basil so I used dried basil

When I shaped the meatballs, to make them small with ease I used my small cookie scoop. Instead of frying the meatballs I put them on a large cookie sheet and baked them for 20 minutes. I was too lazy to stand at the stove and cook the meatballs, baking them, for me, was much easier!
I made the her sauce recipes with these changes:

  • I again subbed portabello for button mushrooms
  • Instead of 1 tsp sugar, I used 2 tsp (we like a sweeter sauce)

Needless to say, this meal was a hit and I thank Pam profusely for bring this recipe to the internet world! Even the littlest member of our family loved the meatballs….and he found a way to get to one just look below……
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    I am so glad you, your husband and your kitty liked them. Your cat looks a lot like my two cats.

    Thank you so much for the nice things you said about my blog – it just made my day! I love you blog too and look forward to your great posts and recipes.

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