A Treat??!! For Li’l ole ME?? And a new award!

First off, let me start by saying – so there is no confusion – what we experienced here in NNY weather wise was nothing I am positive what was experienced in Texas. My heart goes out to those in TX affected by the hurricane. What we experienced here was remnants of the hurricane – meaning high strong winds – not a hurricane.

Now about the treat…Let me tell you a little story. True of course!

Last week, one of the students, Josh, was in the office telling me about a purchase he made while on a class field trip. He was telling me he bought a 40 lb pumpkin and was going to make a pie! How many of you are out there laughing or giggling right about now? I bet you know he could make more than one pie with a 40lb pumpkin! However, I started to laugh and was asking him HOW on earth was he going to cook that pumpkin! I told him he would be better off bringing the big pumpkin to my house to sit on my side porch and let me give him some smaller pumpkins to bake a pie. Josh was not to be persuaded that he could not make a pie with that 40lb pumpkin though.

Yesterday morning he stopped in the office to tell me that he made pies with that pumpkin….and had a lot of pumpkin left over! One of those pies was for me! He had just left class so he didn’t have the pie with him, but a little later in walked Andrew with the pie! I am so impressed and I am so flattered that these boys made a homemade pie and actually gave me one! I promptly shared it with my co-worker and other faculty who came in the office. Everyone thought it was great. Thank you Josh! :-)

I want to thank Pam of For the Love of Cooking for presenting me with the Yummy Blog Award. I am very flattered that Pam gave me this award because I think her blog is one of the yummiest out there! I will be passing this award onto some other yummy blogs out there:

  • Barbara of Barbara Bakes. Barbara is a woman after my own heart. She likes Cooking Light recipes (I collect the cookbooks and just subscribed to the magazine again!). Her photos of her food look great. We have a lot in common (her maiden name is the same as my former last name, she has a daughter getting married and my son just got married, and I think we are pretty close to the same age). We both have the Martha Stewart Cookie book and have been making cookies from there!
  • Carrie of Vegan Deliciousness. Carrie is a cooking forum friend. She went from vegetarian to vegan not too long ago. Check her blog out – her food pics make you want to be at her house for dinner! Actually, I wouldn’t mind eating all 3 meals a day with her!
  • Drew from How to Cook Like your Grandmother. Oh man, just go to his blog. Look at the photos and drool. His site has a special meaning to me because I want to cook just like my grandmother. My grandmother was one of the most special people in my life and I strive to be like her!


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    Holy cow, pie from a 40 lbs pumpkin! I have never even heard of attempting such a thing. I would be torn between being very impressed and hysterical laughter.

    Of course I confess to being a pumpkin out of a can kind of gal myself. :)

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