TWD: Dimply Plums

Dimply. I think of Christopher and his wonderful smile. What a handsome boy I have. That is what I think of when I think of dimply. But Dorie gave me another thing to think of when I hear that word. Dimply Plum Cake.

Michelle of Bake-en selected, Dimply Plum Cake on page 41of Dorie’s Baking cookbook. This is a beautiful cake. I think it was the most photogenic of all recipes I have made since joining TWD. I thought it tasted just fine, but I probably won’t be making it again unless it is for my parents (who took the cake home with them). Chris and Grumpy just are not fruit in your cake kind of people and I could not eat the whole thing by myself. My dad however, was tickled pink to get this cake as his statement was “I love plums!” Funny, I never knew that about my dad!

I did sprinkle some Wilton white sparkling sugar on top for looks

I think instead of any more words, I will leave you with the a few more photos I took of this cake. Let the pictures do the talking! Don’t forget to check out the TWD blogroll to see other creations of this cake!

Look at those dimples!

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    Wow, your cake even looked great before you baked it!! And your baked cake is a vision! I love your idea of adding sugar to the top — not only does that look pretty, but I bet it would add a nice bit of extra sweetness, which would have been welcome in my cake, anyway, as the plums had a slightly bitter taste when baked. How fun that your dad got to enjoy the finished product!

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    Wow. This looks absolutely amazing! I love the addition of sugar on top. The photos turned out beautiful.

    Do you want to come to my house…I’ll make dinner and you make dessert?

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    Your cake looks fantastic! I wasn’t sure at first what Dorie meant by “dimply”, but after reading about yours, I understand! Wish I’d thought of the sugar, so smart!

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    Your plums look so different to the ones here in Australia! Ours are a really dark purple and the flesh isnt like a peach- its quite watery and grainy. Maybe it’s a different variety or something? Your cake looks so nice and moist!

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    Your dimply plum cake looks delicious! That is so cute that you learned something new about your Dad =).

    Mine flopped but my plums were “way” to big. Maybe next time.

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    That looks delicious…your plums look great haha. I like that since you put your plums close together, the cake inbetween them looks like diamonds.

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