Cinnamon Biscotti and Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my Dad’s birthday. Happy birthday Dad! Tonight, my son Justin will be picking me up and riding over to wish him a happy birthday and give him his present. Grumpy doesn’t get home early enough tonight.

When Grumpy and I were married, my dad and I danced to Flies on the Butter by Wynonna Judd. If you haven’t heard the song and lyrics they are here. There is a tag to this song that says “There’s a black-top road, a faded yellow centerline, it can take you back to the place, but it can’t take you back in time.” For me that hits hard and close. I live just around the corner from that road and so many times I have wished it could take me back in time to when I was young and when my Nanny & Poppy were still here with us. Every morning when I was a little girl, every chance I could get to go, my dad would take me around the corner (and now just down the road) to my Nanny’s house where he would leave me and pick up Poppy to go to work. I walk to that road every time I take a walk and nostalgia is so strong. I live back home again, but its not the same. Getting older really stinks, but being happy with your family while they are here is what counts the most.

Tonight, when we head over to Mom & Dad’s (or Momma & Poppa’s to my kids) I will also be bringing my dad some of this biscotti to drink with his coffee. Mom, she’ll eat the biscotti sans coffee. :)


2- 1/2 cup Flour
3/4 cup Sugar
1- 1/2 teaspoon Baking powder
1- 1/2 teaspoon Ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon Salt
1/2 cup mini cinnamon chips
3 large Eggs
2 tablspoons butter, melted
2 teaspoons Vanilla extract
Cooking spray
2 tablespoons Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Ground cinnamon

Preheat oven to 325F.

Combine first 6 ingredients in a large bowl: make a well in center of mixture. Combine eggs, margarine, and vanilla; stir with a whisk. Add to flour mixture, stirring just until moist.

Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface; knead lightly 10 times. Shape dough into a 16 inch roll. Place roll on a baking sheet coated with cooking spray; flatten to a 3/4 inch thickness.

Combine 2 tbsp. sugar and 1/2 tsp. cinnamon; sprinkle over dough.

Bake at 325F for 30 minutes. Remove roll from baking sheet; let cool 10 minutes on a wire rack. Cut roll diagonally into 24 (1/2 inch) slices. Place, cut sides down, on a baking sheet. Bake at 325F for 10 minutes. Turn cookies over; bake an additional 10 minutes (cookies will be slightly soft in center but will harden as they cool).

Remove from baking sheet; let cool completely on a wire rack.


  1. says

    You’re a super cooker/baker!
    Happy Birthday to your Dad.
    It is Albert’s and my 35th anniversary today. WHEW, where ta heck did the years go.
    Have a super week. How’s Chris?

  2. says

    I’ve been visiting your blog all weekend and have been unable to leave a comment! I can’t even get a comment box, until this morning. Hooray! I was about to send you an email and tell you. I’ve been ooing and aahing over all your recipes but I’ve been unable to say a word! What a nice birthday treat for your dad.

  3. says

    What a lovely post…I’ve been going through a bit of that myself lately…wanting to go back in time but you simply can’t. Anyhoo, you’re just a biscotti making machine now! Hope the birthday party was great.

  4. Anonymous says

    Please wish Uncle Phil a very Happy Birthday from all of us! I know what you mean by the nostalgia. It seems the older I get the time is slipping by faster. I think your Dad is going to enjoy the Cinnamon Biscotti with his coffee tonight.A perfect treat for these fall nights. Enjoy your evening with your boys and with their Nanny and Poppy. Love, Amanda

  5. says

    I just visited my home town and it was amazing how many memories flooded my mind. Happy birthday to your Dad. I am sure he will love the biscotti…it looks delicious!

  6. says

    What a heartwarming (yet bittersweet) post Shelby, many times I wish I could go back in time, too.

    Happy Birthday to your Daddy, he’s lucky to have you for a daughter. :)

    The Cinnamon Biscotti look absolutely delicious, thank you for sharing the recipe.

  7. says

    Your biscotti looks great. Im sure your dad was very pleased. I hope he had a wonderful birthday. I loved your story about your grandparents…sweet memories!

  8. says

    My dad passed away this past spring, so this post was particularly touching. The lyrics alone had me getting teary. You’re right, we all need to be happy with our families while they’re here!

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