Taste & Create XIV

This month for Taste & Create, Min of Bad Girl’s Kitchen sat in for Nicole who is on vacation this month. Min paired me up with Iron Stef. I visited Stef’s blog quite a few times (she has been blogging for a long time!) and checked out many of her dishes. I finally decided on one that I knew Grumpy would like. Bacon wrapped shrimp. Stef had mentioned she wished she hadn’t used thick bacon, so I made sure I bought some center cut (not thick)!

The bacon is marinated in an orange juice (I used mango orange juice) and pepper flake mixure for 15 minutes and then wrapped in bacon, placed in the frying pan and cooked to perfection! Once the bacon is done you take it out and set it on a paper towel lined plate and pour the marinade mixture in the frying pan and reduce it until slightly thick. Yumm! I served these with roasted asparagus. This is a great quick meal when you are tired and don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen!

Thanks Stef for a great recipe and I look forward to keeping up with your blog to see what other delicious meals you are making!


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    Oh, Geez! That looks so good! This is on the menu for my house this week!

    Do you think it would work with chicken, too? My youngest doesn’t eat shrimp but I figure I could just cut up a chicken breat? Maybe? Whadaya think?

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    I love bacon. I just heard of an ice cream recipe that has a butter, pecan (I believe) base with bits of bacon in it. It’s supposed to be wonderful.
    I’d rather have these shrimp!

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    OK I have never wished so strongly that I liked shrimp. I don’t know how I could dislike a food and think it looks so yummy at the same time, but I do.

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    Hi! I made this for dinner for the Twins tonight. They both loved it! Babygirl doesn’t eat shrimp and the twins wouldn’t give her a bite so she only had a cucumber salad. My sauce did not come out the same pretty color as yours so I didn’t serve it over the shrimp.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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