Too much chocolate? Nah.

This week for Tuesdays with Dorie, Clara of I I Heart Food4Thought chose Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcakes on pages 215-217. At first, when thinking about making these, I intended to bring them to work. That never happened. Nope. Actually, Grumpy ate 4 of them! For the recipe for these yummy cupcakes, visit Clara’s blog!

My MIL had one, my friend Amanda and her hubby and myself, I sent one home with Kristina, packed one in Grumpy’s lunch box and saved the last two to take to my dad’s house to give him and my mom as my “birthday cake” gift! So, the students were out of luck this week. They were just that good!Prior to making these I did some reading to see how others were faring with their cupcakes. Many people were mentioning how dry they were. This of course, made me a little concerned. So, I took great care in stirring and spooning the flour into my measuring cups so as to not make the cake too heavy or dry (it was mentioned maybe the flour was the cause of the dryness) and was rewarded with a nice moist chocolatey cupcake! I love the ganache recipe and will keep this one as a topping for cupcakes again in my future! Grumpy told me this morning that I could make them again and put a cream filling in them. I didn’t admit to him that Dorie’s “playing around” suggested that. lol I let him think he was being “contributing” to my baking.

To see what other Tuesday with Dorie bakers did with their cupcakes, check out our blogroll!


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    I’m sure I would eat six!

    Hey do you know there is a car wash in Oregon called Grumpy’s Car Wash in huge letter’s. I have to take a picture for you.

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    Your cupcakes look wonderful! I’m so glad that you didn’t have any dry problems like I’ve been reading about. Thanks for the nice review on the ganache glaze, I will have to try it at some point :) Perfect photos, I love the sugar sprinkles as well, yum!

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    It appears as though you were rewarded with perfect cupcakes – and they do look super tasty. I’ll bet the cream filling would be a great addition.

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    Thats so funny about your husband contributing. Great minds think alike (although I guess Dorie is greater b/c she though of it first? HAHA) Sometimes my hubs will make suggestions and I think its very cute too. Love the iridescent sprinkles! Thanks for baking with me this week!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

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    Oh my word — I can actually SEE the moistness in your half cupcake picture! I’m so glad that Grumpy enjoyed them – there is nothing better than your family enjoying something you’ve made.

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    I am so glad that you liked these and that they weren’t dry. I was surprised so many people experienced that problem. Funny that we used the same sprinkles! Your cupcakes turned out looking fab!

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    Well, will you look at that lovely crumb? That’s great that the cupcakes made such a big splash with everyone (and you managed to spread them around to lots of folks even with Grumpy getting nearly half!)

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    Moistness personified!! I underbaked for like 2 min and they came out perfectly…chocolate is so finicky like that IMO! Love yours…never too much choco.

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    I love your cc..It looks like grumpy liked them too…wow 4!! I love your last looks moist and tasty! Im glad you appreciated the sprinkle story..I was so proud I actually decorated something!

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    I like your Grumpy! He sounds like quite the character!

    That last photo has me going over to the “dark” as I’ve always been a vanilla girl. LOL! I can certainly see why you had none left to share.

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    Sweet, sweet! I love your blog…someone said that you were a great cook, and I have to agree.
    Everything looks great.
    and by the way…did you make the pie on your title? Because if you did, I will never show a pie I make! My crusts aren’t that pretty.

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    Oh hooray! I’ve been to your blog three times and this si the first time I could post a comment. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’m not even able to get a comment box. I’ll keep trying, and it’s exactly for reasons like these cupcakes. They look so yummy!

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    Your cucakes look yummy, Honey! I was really happy with my cuppies!! They were moist and fluffy.

    Thanks for always stopping by and leaving the nicest comments! You are a true gem!!

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