Catching up

I haven’t done much cooking or baking lately but I have done some while I have actually been able to be home. The day before Thanksgiving I was “home” – meaning I didn’t go with Grumpy for the 2 hour drive to the hospital. I went to Grumpy’s mom’s home and took care of things around there, fed and watered the pets and then went home and prepared for Thanksgiving dinner. What cooking and baking I did do, I did all in a group!

For the last Taste & Create I made that yummy “salted fudge” from Hanne’s blog. She had a recipe for Vij’s Chicken Curry that I was dying to make – and mainly because it was stated in her blog “This one got so much attention coming out of the work microwave that I messaged Hanne at home and told her to quick take a picture before she finished her leftovers.” By the way, the quote is from Hanne’s SO. That quote drew me in. My thoughts, I gotta take this to work and tempt everyone with that wonderful smell. So many people from the workplace eat this kind of food, someone’s gotta come in drooling there too. 😉 he he.

I followed the recipe (click here) except for my sweet and spicy tooth – I had to add some sugar (probably 2 tablespoons – yeah, I know, I can’t help it). YUMMY! I had some frozen naan so I warmed it up on the griddle and dug in. This was one delicious meal. Thanks to Supper in Stereo for giving me a super flavorful dinner and leftovers to tempt all the students and co-workers with on Monday!


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    Your curry looks so yummy and I think the sugar was a nice addition. I also enjoyed your Thanksgiving photos!

    Your mother-in-law will be in my prayers…

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