HoneyB flopped the Kugelhopf

I just want to start quickly with an off topic comment to two special people! My Mother in Law, Sharon has a birthday today and one of my blogging friends, Jenny of Picky Palate has a birthday today also! Happy Birthday Sharon & Jenny!

One evening Grumpy and I got into a “little” disagreement. I was not happy he was on the cell phone while checking out at Lowes. I had no idea what the items were he purchased and the clerk asked him a question that only he could answer. Of course, I looked at her and and rolled my eyes. I was really disgusted with him. So, when we got outside and he couldn’t find something he bought I told him. “You should have told “person who called” that you would call them back. Don’t you know how rude it is to talk on the cell phone when going thru checkout?” I really think a lot of people have developed major rudeness to the public by the use of cell phones. Don’t worry, I’ll “learn” Grumpy eventually. Anyway, his response to me after a few exchanges was “Oh yeah, I forgot, your perfect.” ha ha. My response? “Oh yeah, I forgot I was too.” Of course, I said that quite sarcastically.

Well, if I really thought I was perfect, my TWD task for the week would have knocked me down a few notches. I know I’m not perfect so I wasn’t too upset that it failed. I usually have good results with yeast. Usually. Fortunately I didn’t waste too many ingredients this week. The thing most precious to me that I did lose was the stick of butter. I was doubting I will make this one again but after reading of some of the success, I really think I will give it a try again. When I have time. Its a time consuming recipe.

To see how this should have turned out check out Yolanda of The All-Purpose Girl. She selected the Kugelhopf recipe on pages 61-63 of Baking From My Home to Yours By Dorie Greenspan. I’m sure there are many other successes out there from my fellow TWD Bakers (as I have already read about a few) so please check out the blogroll and see what’s happening!


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    Sometimes the recipes that look the worst, taste the best! I can’t imagine anything you cook not tasting great. Mine sure didn’t turn out perfectly either. I think my house was too chilly for the dough to rise properly. We always have next week, right?

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    Thump Grumpy for me too, O.K?
    We all have out duds every now and then. I just ruined creme brulee and had to make it again. Plus I made some butt ugly rolls but they tasted good. How did your BWD dud taste?

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    Cell phones are a pet peeve of mine..but I do realize the evil necessity of them. I have even posted some of the less than successful dishes I have made on my blog. The fact is that we are all human:D

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    Oh, I hate it when something doesn’t turn out the way you want it. The oven in my last kitchen managed to ruin at least half of the bundt cakes I made. This still looks delicious, though. I’ll bet it tastes great. 😀

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

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    I think it’s great that you posted even though you weren’t happy with how the kugelhopf turned out. Hopefully it will turn out better next time. =)

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    It sure looks edible! I just noticed you’re in NY; I was in NY(Buffalo)4-5 times during the summer, got stuck there once for 3 days… Was I close for a cup of (free)coffee? :)

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    I hate it when a recipe doesn’t work out! I spent HOURS making homemade ravioli for the Royal Foodie Joust and they were not good, so I had to come up with a different recipe.

    And I’m totally with you on the cell phone thing. It’s rude to assume your phone call is more important than the real live clerk standing in front of you doing his/her job.

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    Did it taste good? Yours came out of the pan like mine. Totally agree with you on the cell phone thing, just happened to me at the grocery store with the person in front of me, grrrrrrr!

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    Sorry this didn’t turn out as well as you’d hoped. I wasn’t all that crazy about this one – already thinking about rice pudding, which should be a great tummy warming dessert!

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    Ohmygod. Don’t even get me started on cell phone rudeness! I agree with you 100%. I can’t stand ppl on their cell phones in a checkout line. But you know whats worse? Ppl on cell phones at the gym!! I come to the gym to work out and destress from everyday life. How the heck does anyone get a good work out while talking on a cell phone?? Oops. Went on a little rant there. HAHA. Sorry you had a kugelflop. Mine was bland and dry so I was disappointed. Not sure I’d make it again either. Oh well… bring on the rice pudding!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

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    I'm right there with you on the cell phone "issues".

    Regarding the Kugelhopf… eek, I didn't have an easy time either. I got distracted & allowed them to rise a little too long in the pan(s). Ooops!

    Well, at least our "flubs" are still edible. :)

    But for the time, and effort? There are other recipes that I would choose to make before I make this one again. jmho.
    xo ~m.

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    I hope you do give it another try. It is a long process, but I really like the bread. Next time I will make a large loaf so I can make toast with it the next day. The toast photos I have seen look so good.

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    I agree with you. I think it’s so rude to talk on a cell phone at stores – especially the check out line. Silly Grumpy.

    Sorry the TWD recipe didn’t work out. It’s such a bummer when that happens.

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    Thanks for the Bday shout out Shelby!! You are too sweet! I have been out of town this week, hence my lack of commenting. Your recipes look as gorgeous as ever. Talk to you soon!

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    I’m with you on using cell phones when someone is directly in front of you. It ranks right up there with wearing an iPod when someone is speaking with you.

    I’m also with you on this whole kugelhopf thing. I wish it had turned out. I hate wasting ingredients on things that I can’t even salvage in some way!

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    I totally get the cell phone etiquette. I have a girlfriend who always, sweetly asks me to hold on at least a few times while I’m talking to her. Annoying. Anyway, back to the “Special K’ Kake. Yours looks like it came out of the pan pretty well. Mine totally fell apart, plus after looking at a LOT of others out there I don’t think I baked it long enough to have that lovely crusty outside. I do want to muster up enough courage to try again. Hope you enjoyed a little toasted with jam. delish.

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