Mini Butternut Bundt Cakes with Brown Sugar Icing

I recently decided I need to do something about my inactivity. Since my Son’s wedding in July I had basically stopped exercising. Attempts to exercise from home just were not faithful. I decided I had to force myself to be held accountable. So I joined a gym. Mind you, we have a gym at the University. But I work with students all day long. Did I really want to go to the gym and workout around them also? Not to mention all the young boys and girls with 20 year old bodies around me – well, that is not much inspiration to me. Just makes me want to go hide in a corner. The gym I joined is great and the workouts have been awesome. I even am doing strength training. So, my time is limited. 3 days a week I actually leave my house by 5:30 AM just so I can get there for a morning workout. 2 nights a week I am arriving home late. This is cutting into my baking time considerably. lol Not that I need it. I actually brought home McDonalds for dinner last night so I didn’t have to make dinner. Don’t worry, I brought home a salad for me. Anyway, I ended up making these mini bundt cakes (since of course, take home actually gave me a little bit of time.) These bundt cakes are quick and easy to make though. So even if you are short on time – your ok!

This is my 2nd recipe I have made from Once Upon a Plate. If you haven’t been to her site, you really should go! Her photos are absolutely awesome! I especially love the caramel and brown sugar ones. Which is exactly what I have made! For my birthday I made the Salted Caramel Apple Cake with Toasted Walnuts and last evening I made the Pumpkin & Spice Cakelettes with Brown Sugar Icing – HoneyB style – with Butternut Squash. Oh me. Oh MY. YUM. Perfect moist cake. Yummy brown sugar icing.

Need I say more? Oh, yeah. I only ate one. This morning. Just finished it. I might break down and eat another one later. Maybe. I am taking these to work but I am sending a couple with Grumpy for his lunch today also. For the recipe, I really urge you to go to the link here. You can see her photos – that dragged me into this. :-) Also, I followed her recipe exactly except I used mashed butternut squash (plain, no salt, no butter) in place of the pumpkin. I had some leftover from those rolls…..and I got 20 little cakelettes. I didn’t double them up because I was taking them to work – but for an occasion – I would probably double them up. Ok, if you haven’t gone yet….go on, get over there!



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    Beautiful cakes! I bet they are scrumptious with that brown sugar icing!

    And good for you for going to the gym! I bet you’re just as cute as those 20-year-old students 😉

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    I belong to a great gym…but haven’t been there in a while. 13 hour days drain all of your energy and I had nothing left for the gym.

    Your baby bundt cakes look delicious! I saw a mini bundt pan at Home Goods…I may have to pick it up and make these little guys!

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    The mini bundt cakes look really great & so does Once Upon A Plate! I know what you mean as far as exercising goes – I've bought the DVD's but they do seem to remain in their cases…the only real exercise I do seem to maintain are long very brisk walks with my friend (we can chat en route!!) through the forest we live on the edge of. Good Luck, I know I couldn't keep up the 5.30 workout's!!

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    I’m so happy for you that you joined a gym! Rock on! You’ll be feeling so great!
    There must be something in the air – seems like everyone is making mini-bunts. Yours look amazing. I really want to try to make some for the holidays – but I can’t find molds here!! Grr…

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    Way to go with the workouts! I have been sooooo lazy myself lately! NOT GOOD!
    But oh my goodness those mini cakes look so delicious!!! I want to eat them and then NOT work out! :)

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    Congrats on joining the gym! I know what you mean about the university gym…as an old grad student I really despise working out with a bunch of 18 year olds who look like they never ever leave the gym! Anyhoo, that brown sugar icing looks amazing!

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    I love your cakes! Congrats on the gym joining and the early morning workouts. I work out every day at 5am and LOVE it. It’s so nice to have it done and you can shower and be ready for your day. Keep it up, it will get easier!

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    I love your cakes! Congrats on the gym joining and the early morning workouts. I work out every day at 5am and LOVE it. It’s so nice to have it done and you can shower and be ready for your day. Keep it up, it will get easier!

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    Yeah, I need to work on working out as well. All this food blogging makes me cook and bake more, which has consequences…

    Those mini bundts look so scrumptious!

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    *groan* don’t remind me…the last time I saw the insides of a gym was three years ago! and being a regular food blogger who hops onto other food blogs isn’t helping much…love those cakes!
    I am certain I just put on a few more pounds at the thought of making these and eating them…

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    Hi HoneyB!

    Delicious cakes with this dripping brown sugar icing totally a delicacy!

    I try to do exercise regular to no increase my weight but with this yummy moist cake will be sooo difficult!!

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    wow..530 am?! I wish I was that hardworking, i try waking up at 6 to go for a quick run b4 work but ive been trying to do that for 2 yrs and have only done it once :S

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    I totally understand the inactivity thing. Oye! This recipe looks wonderful and thanks for the heads upon the website you got the recipe from. Happy exercising!

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    HoneyB – Your mini bundt cakes look incredible. And kuddos to you for getting up so early to go to the gym!

    Also thanks for the link to Once Upon a Plate. Good food over there too!

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    Wow, good for you! That is a commitment; I also have a dust collecting gym in my basement, but just can’t pull myself together to exercise. I guess I need a similar approach, a gym somewhere else!
    Great looking cakes, yum, yum!

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    Yup you do like mini things. But is it bad that I eat four of each! Love the brown sugar icing. I am loving this time of you and all the Fall-like recipes. This is great!

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    The icing alone looks amazing. I’ve seen mini bundt pans so many times but have never bought any. They make perfect sense, though…

    I had to laugh at your gym story. I actually changed my gym because it was too close to work. There is definitely something disconcerting about getting undressed in the locker room and seeing a former student or the parent of one I currently teach. Yikes! No thanks…

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