Candied Dates

Every year at the holidays one of many things I would look forward to were all the different goodies on the goodie tray that we would have. I’ll be making some of these goodies over the next few weeks to share with you! One treat in particular is one from my Great Aunt Helga. The foods that spark my memories of my aunt are turnips and dates. ha ha. Funny combination eh? :)

My aunt liked turnips, boiled and mashed. But that is not what this post is about. It is about her candied date recipe that I am going to tell you about today. This is such a simple recipe – quick, easy, and it really does taste like candy! My great aunt and I had a rocky relationship at times but I did love her and I am sure she knew this before she passed on. So, Aunt Helga, you may have thought I’d forgotten all about you after you left us, but I haven’t. You were special in your way and I will always have a special spot in my heart that holds you forever. Your date recipe is going to continue on with me and will always be remembered as yours. I can see you this morning sitting at Nanny’s table with a smile on your face. That is the way I want to remember and how I do remember you. Oh, yeah, we all do joke about how you still remind us of Maxine. πŸ˜‰

Aunt Helga’s Candied Date Recipe

1 lb. dates, chopped and pitted
3/4 cup sugar
1 stick butter
3-1/2 to 4 cups rice krispies
walnuts, chopped fine

Simmer butter, dates and sugar on medium heat 3-4 minutes or until soft and incorporated. Add 3-1/2 to 4 cups rice krispies. Cool slightly. Shape into balls. Roll in chopped walnuts or coconut.

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Jessie of The Hungry Mouse for her terrific and frequent posts! Jessie gives us detailed directions with photos on how to make her dishes and quite honestly, if Grumpy saw the things she made he might be tempted to move to her town!

Pam of For the Love of Cooking. It is no secret that I love her blog as I have raved about her recipes that I have made. Pam makes great looking food and when I read her blog I think to myself “why can’t I be that organized and make everything look so great?!” I’m jealous! lol

Cristine of Cooking with Cristine. I also love Cristine’s blog. There is something about this little girl (and yes, to me she is a little girl at heart) that just makes me love her. I could wrap my arms around her and make her my own, I just know it. She has a sweet character and she sounds like the most wonderful mom to her children. She really impresses me!

Jenny of Picky Palate. I have been reading Jenny’s blog about as long as I have been blogging myself. Jenny posts often, shares bits of her life along with her great recipes and photos. She lives such an exciting life as a foodie and I love reading about her recipes and the food events she is involved in!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Sweet post- I have never tried these before and didn’t know that these were her favorites. They look delicious and pretty plated. Perfect holiday cookie and look easy to make. Love the family memories esp. the filled cookies from Nan. Those I remember fondly! Amanda

  2. says

    Amanda – if you come back and read this comment Aunt Ann and I both are hoping to get your new email address. Since you moved your email bounces back on us. email me at grumpyshoneybunch at yahoo dot com.

    LOVE U! Are you coming home for Thanksgiving??

  3. says

    HoneyB- I have a recipe close to this in my recipe box but yours looks better! These are my hubby’s favorite cookies so I really should make them for him. A sweet story about your Auntie too. This is a memory time of year isn’t it?

  4. says

    Thanks for thinking of me for this new award! I look forward to having things back to normal in my life so I can visit my favorite blogs as often as I used to!! Your candied dates look fabulous!

    Have a great weekend my dear!

  5. says

    Honey, as always you are too sweet! You made my day (and God knows after my last couple of days I needed a good lift!).

    Thanks for the award! You are awesome!!!

  6. says

    Oh gosh, thank you so much! πŸ˜€ What an honor. You totally made my day.

    Also, I think it would be dangerous to bring Grumpy & The Angry Chef together in the same town! Hehehe…

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  7. says

    Thank you Shelby! Your blog is one of my favorites too.

    These cookies look great – I’ve never had anything like them before. I can’t wait to start my Christmas baking!

  8. says

    Congrats on the award :) very nice award ‘superior scribbler’ πŸ˜€

    keep up the great blog here … oh and wonderful recipe too, easy to make recipes are always welcomed πŸ˜›

  9. says

    I love this recipe…it looks almost goof proof and easy. I’m one of those ladies who enjoys looking at complicated recipes but doesn’t actually try them very often. This one sounds very tasty and easy enough to attempt. Thanks!

  10. says


    this has got to be the strangest thing. last night, i was looking at the bag of whole dates i’d just bought (while munching on a few) and thought to myself–I should email honeyb and ask her if she has any good date recipes!

    eerie! anyway, these look awesome and with the rice krispies in there, i bet my kids will love them.

    =) STA

  11. says

    Wow…we used to make these too. I haven’t had them in years and I have never seen anyone else have them on their cookie plate either. So I had almost forgotten about them. Thanks for bringing them back!

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