Taste & Create XV

When I was little our Saturday night ritual would be making popcorn and mom making chocolate fudge to go with it. We then would sit down to watch Green Acres and wait for Dad to get home from work. Or sometimes, if Dad was already home, we would sit down with our popcorn and fudge and watch The Lawrence Welk show. This month’s Taste and Create brought this memory to the forefront.

For Taste & Create in November I was paired up with Hanne of Supper in Stereo. I looked her whole blog over (went all the way to the beginning of her posts!) and she has some great reading and recipes, so please make sure you visit her! I also knew immediately when I saw her fudge recipe I was going to make it.

I personally don’t care for fudge recipes that call for chocolate chips and marshmallows. That is not the kind of fudge I grew up with. I grew up with a boiled fudge. So this recipe really appealed to me. It also appealed to me because it called for grey sea salt as an ingredient! :)

Then my MIL’s stroke happened and T&C went right out the window. I totally forgot about it. I planned to do it Sunday and after I left the house Sunday morning everything dealing with cooking went to the back recesses of my mind. Tuesday morning I checked emails from the hotel and had an email from Hanne apologizing for being late. Well, I was late myself! I emailed her right back, explained my situation and told her I would do it as soon as I could when I arrived home. First thing this morning I was in m kitchen trying out Hanne’s fudge. The verdict? We love it. Its a great recipe. If you haven’t made boiled fudge before, make sure you use a candy thermometer. I’ve had many failures with fudge in my past (as my ex husband would gladly let everyone know how I “fudged” the fudge and hid it in the closet only for him to find almost a whole year later – am I blushing yet?). Be patient and watch carefully. You won’t be sorry. To get the recipe, click on the link here. Thanks Hanne for bringing me back to good old fashioned fudge making!


Things with my MIL are improving. She was sitting up today and actually was allowed to have liquids. They started physical therapy and things look like they are on the road to more improvement. Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern and the well wishes. They are greatly appreciated.


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    Oh wow, this is right up my alley. Sweet with just a touch of salt. I love it.

    Glad to hear she’s doing better.

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

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    I am glad to hear your MIL is recovering.

    I love the idea of sea salt in fudge–I have never been much for fudge but the sea salt could have me reconsidering.

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    Ciao ! I’m very happy things are getting better !
    You know I never ate fudge and never thought it could be eaten with popcorn ! During Christmas holidays I’ll make it for the kids !

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    Okay this made me cry because watching Lawrence Welk with my dad on Saturday night is such a good memory. With my dad gone now, it just stung a bit, but still a good memory. Hope all is getting better.

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    I have some gray sea salt that I don’t know what to do with. Mine has a smoked flavor though so I’m not sure it would work w/ this wonderful fudge!

    So glad to hear MIL is doing better.

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    This looks lovely. I like the idea of salty chocolate – probably because I like to eat chocolate with potato chips! Glad to hear your MIL is doing better.

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    I am so glad your MIL is doing better – I’ll keep sending her good thoughts.

    I guess I’ll have to go buy a candy thermometer – this fudge looks amazing. I love the salt!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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    I hope everything is getting better with your MIL and I am going to try this as Fudge scares me. And the marshmallow kind just isn’t going to cut it.

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    Sweets and salt seem to be a thing this year but most are caramel rather than chocolate.

    I will definitely use this for my fudge this year — haven’t made real “fudge” in forever although I do remember the time my mom made it and it turned out to be “toosie rolls” — don’t know what she did but it wasn’t fudge!

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