You see those kids? Yup. They are what I am thankful for. I love them SO MUCH. Especially when they are silly.

These boys are the biggest joy in my life and I am the luckiest mom in the world to have them love me as much as I love them!

I’m thankful for my son’s wife! Let her be assured her pumpkin pie was awesome πŸ˜‰

I’m thankful for my mom (who was so happy to be host for dinner this year in her new kitchen!)

I’m thankful for my dad (who jumped right up and got busy when mom said someone needed to carve the turkey)

AND I’m thankful for my husband. I love him with all my heart and soul.

I am thankful

for the food on our table

that I still have my parents together.

My brothers weren’t home. One had to be at work and the other lives in Indiana. I’ll be fortunate to fly out to visit my brother the day after Christmas this year and visit his family for a few days. It will be my first time out there around the Christmas holidays and I am excited and can’t wait to spend some time with them.

I must say that the one thing I am most thankful for this year is that my Grumpy still has his mommy here. She is improving and hopefully we can bring her home soon. She is sitting up and actually was allowed to have liquids/soft foods yesterday.

I hope you all had a nice thanksgiving with the ones you love!


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    What a beautiful family you have Shelby – your boys are very handsome. I am glad Grumpy’s mom is doing better. Have a great weekend!

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    You have a beautiful family! I’m happy to hear that your MIL is doing better. I love that holidays usually bring family members from far away closer so that they can share it together. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Hi HoneyB!

    Very nice pics of your family and you’ve had a beautiful holidays specially because your mom is getting better!

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods

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    What a beautiful family you have! Those are some very, very lucky kids to have you as their mom!
    And I’m especially happy that you were able to celebrate it with your parents.

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you!

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    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your MIL is doing better. You have such a beautiful family! (Did you have your sons when you were 9?? You look too young to have grownup kids!)

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    Beautiful boys! Aren’t they fun? I love you “silly” picture. I have three grown sons, so I know what you mean when you say you love it when they are silly. It’s so much fun when they get together and are silly again. Happy Day to you and your family.

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    I hope your hubbys mom gets better soon!
    You look JUST like you mom and I think it is awesome that your parents are still together!
    You are one lucky lady!!

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    You have a beautiful family. :)

    I have a pretty cynical family, but because my 3YO daughter was asking about Tgiving, I asked everyone at the table to say what they were thankful for, which we have never done. My mom predictably said having us all together and I just as predictably said my 2 daughters. My daughters said “dinner” (the 3YO) and “cheese” (the 2 YO). :) Think I am raising 2 little foodies? πŸ˜‰

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    What a nice post! I had Thanksgiving Dinner with my family in Sydney, Australia this year! I even cooked a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I’m going to post about it this week when I get home. Right now I am waiting at the Sydney airport – our flight is delayed 5 hrs. Happy Thanksgiving – the rolls look great! I’ll definitely give them a try!

  10. Anonymous says

    Beautiful blog and wonderful picts of the family. The food looked great and how wonderful to be together to enjoy great food and family conversation. We made it home for only 2 days, buzy, but wonderful. Best wishes to Grumpy’s Mom…Amanda
    Those picts made me misty eyed. I could just see Nan and Gramps sitting around that table…

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    Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments about my family. I hear all the time how my mom and I look so much alike! I also hear how Chris and I look so much alike (however I can really see how they BOTH resemble their father also). Well, there is no denying we are all related for certain! :)

    Amanda – did you recognize the plates we were eating from? They were Nanny’s. Mom uses them all the time for family occasions. Sorry I missed you when you were here but I’m sure you know now that I just wasn’t around much. Maybe next time. Glad you were able to be here for a few days anyway!

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