Why I am MIA

Just a quick post to let my blogging friends know I have not forgotten anyone. I haven not had opportunity to check out blogs as usual because my mother in law has been in the hospital. On Sunday morning I went to my MIL’s home and by Sunday afternoon we had her in the ER. They sent her to another hospital (that is 2 hours from home) as she had had 2 strokes. One stroke we do not know when it happened, the other happend on Thursday morning early (this we gather from what she has told us). So, Grumpy and I have been with his mom. Things are looking better after yesterday’s test results. The bleeding in her brain is slowing down and we are told will stop on it’s own. She also does not need surgery. So, now we will just have to work with dealing with her healing process and how we are going to be there for her when she is so far away from us.


  1. says

    HoneyB- My thoughts are with your family during this time. It is so sad to see our parents get old and sick. I will pray that she makes a quick recovery. Take care of you too during this time.

  2. Susie says

    Thanks for letting us know where you have been. When you get quiet I know something is up.
    I hope the best and quickest recovery for your MIL.

  3. says

    I do hope she has an easy recovery. It is so hard to live far from parents when they are not well. I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers that she’ll be doing better very soon.

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