Butter-Scotch Pudding

Things have been very hectic for me and fortunately I have had a few post done up ahead that I was still able to blog! Many people have asked me about Grumpy’s mom and I am happy to say that she is coming home today! Grumpy will be picking her up and bringing her back home from the hospital in the afternoon. We have spent the last 4 weeks (some days but most weekends) working on her apartment to get it ready for her return home. I wish so much that I could be there when she walks in, but unfortunately I have to be at work. She is able to walk with the aid of a walker and for now, that is really the only major thing wrong. So, here is hoping she continues on the road to healing and that she gets stronger each day! Thank you to all of you who have emailed or commented to ask me about her!

Now, on to the pudding! This week for Tuesdays with Dorie, Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases chose Real Butterscotch Pudding on page 386 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking cookbook. This pudding was pretty good. Grumpy really enjoyed it! Butterscotch pudding is one of his favorite desserts so when I saw this was the choice I was very happy! He knew it was different with his first bite because the scotch was a very promiment flavor! Thanks Donna for this choice and for helping me help Grumpy be happy for a while! :)

To see what other members of TWD did with their Butter-Scotch pudding check out our blogroll!


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    I am so glad that Grumpy’s mom will be heading home… and just in time for Christmas! Lots of love and prayers coming for you and your family!

    Your pudding looks fantastic, and there is the added bonus that Grumpy liked it! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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    Congratulations on Gurmpy’s moms homecoming for Christmas!!

    The pudding looks amazing! I can’t wait to make mine tonight!! I’ll also be making triple chocolate cookies for Craving Ellie in my Belly tonight!! Jum!!

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    Lifiting a glass of pudding in the hopes your mother in law has a full recovery.
    Your pudding looks great. Our husbands having different ideas about butterscotch pudding wanna trade!?!?!

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    Hooray that Grumpy’s mom will be home for the holidays. I hope you are all hanging in there! YOur pudding would add a little comfort for anyone, I think, especially in those pretty dishes with that whipped cream. Merry Christmas!

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    Somebody has been more of a busyB laetely! Man, I can’t keep up with you! I have the book, and your pudding looks great! Love pudding! Glad to hear Grumpy’s mom is doing well! Merry Christmas HoneyB, to you and your entire family!!!

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    It looks beautiful with that cloud of whipped cream on top! I love homemade puddings and they are so over looked. Have a great day, it is so good to hear your MIL is coming home!!

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    She’s coming home just in time for Christmas, that’s so nice. How’s your arm feeling?? The pudding looks great HoneyB!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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    Hi HoneyB!

    Hurray your Mom is back just in time for the Holydays and she feels better!!

    Extremely delectable with the whipped cream..as a heaven into a dessert :)

    Have a great Christmas you and your family!!

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods

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    Such great news that your MIL is coming home today! I hope she continues on a fast road to recovery.

    Your pudding looks wonderful! I’m sure Grumpy just had to smile when he was eating it!

    Happy Holidays!

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    I am glad to hear Grumpy’s mom will be home for Christmas. I am sure it will be extra special this year. The butterscotch pudding looks and sounds amazing. I have been craving butterscotch lately…guess I’ll have to make this.

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    You are awesome. I, too, am very happy that Grumpy’s mom will be home for the holiday season. It will be comforting and joyous. There is no place like home. Have a wonderful holiday!

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    Your pudding looks terrific with all the whipped cream–yum! And I’m glad that Grumpy’s mom won’t have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Have a great holiday!

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    Your pudding looks SO good. I didn’t make this week’s pick. Will have to try it sometimes as everyone seems to be loving it.
    Glad to have your MIL home for the holidays!
    There’s a giveaway on my blog.

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    Your puddings turned out great! The sweet tooth in me hankers after the one with the whipped cream and nuts on top – yum! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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    Hmmmmm. Butterscotch pudding. I love butterscotch. As a matter of fact, I have a butterscotch pie recipe and it is to die for. My husband is constantly wanting me to make it.

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