A cake mix that tastes great?!

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A while back I was a lucky winner from BlakeBakes Chocolate Cake giveaway. I received the box about a week or so ago and my first thought was “what on earth am I going to do with a cake mix?” I was trying to come up with something awesome and unique that would not change the “specialness” of this cake mix. You see, this mix was from a place called Cherrybrook Kitchen. They are peanut free, dairy free, nut free, and vegan.

I immediately thought of one of the grad students in my area who does not eat eggs. So, instead of getting fancy with the box and taking a chance of making not allergy or vegan safe, I went ahead and made the cake mix.

Then I contemplated the frosting. I had tasted it and thought, eh. But I thought to myself, give it a chance. I microwaved it for about 15 seconds to soften it up and make it easy to stir and then spread it on the cake. It spread so easily!

I decided I did have to “Dr” it up a little because it was just pure chocolate and nothing to make it look special so I crushed up some Bob’s soft peppermint sticks and sprinkled it on the cake.

My thoughts on the cake mix and frosting? It was definitely good. I do consider myself a cake mix snob – basically because I am a baker and in my opinion, homemade is best. I rarely eat a cake mix but this is one I would eat again. Not because it is nut, dairy free and vegan, but because it tastes great! It was moist and chocolaty (there were chocolate chips in the mix also) and tasted really delicious. So, the cake is going to work to be shared with others and one special student in particular will get to try this out. I’m sure it will go over well with all! If your interested in ordering their mixes click here. Thanks Cherrybrook Kitchen and Blake Makes for the free sample!


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    How sweet of you to think of your friend with this cake! I’ll miss your blog for a few days. Hoepfully you won’t get the blast we are expecting here. We are trying to beat the storm and leave today. Merry Christmas!

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    I love mint and chocolate together. Have you ever put peppermint extract into chocolate buttercream frosting? Now that’s a little bit of heaven for you!

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    I love the crushed peppermint candy on the top. It looks so pretty. I’m a fan of cake mixes and always have been. I’ve made cakes from scratch that were great and then some were not so great. I’ve found the same true of cake mixes.

    If you’re in a hurry you can’t beat a cake mix and you can add ingredients to change it up a bit.

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    I got a mix too and cant wait to make it for one of our vegan employees. Love the idea of the crushed candies. So festive yet vegan safe! good job!!!

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    I think it's great that there is an allergy-free & vegan cake mix out there! Who knew? Not me, anyway. Good to know for people who don't bake from scratch! And how sweet of you to bake it with that student in mind. I think it looks fantastic!

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    When I first started baking more than ten years ago, I started out with cake mix and the cakes turned out perfectly. Though I’ve not used a cake mix in ages, I still think its good to use once in a while when we are short of time.
    This vegan one really looks good!

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