Eggnog Thumbprints

We have had the crappiest weather. We go from rain, to snow, to ice, to rain, to snow and what the weather underground this morning calls a snow freezing fog. Yesterday all our snow was gone. We were left with some puddles of ice here and there with a huge ice spot where else but at the bottom of our driveway! augh. So, last night when I got home I “backed” up the driveway. I had to make a few attempts since I stopped right on the ice and couldn’t get all the way up. Our driveway is at a slope then when you get to the top, it can slope down the other way. I made the mistake already this year of pulling into that down slope and got stuck at home after a huge snowstorm. I was preparing myself so I could drive right down and out of our driveway this morning. I probably could. But I won’t be.

Silly me. After I got in the house I put my stuff away and walked out the front door to get the mail. I didn’t bother to turn the front porch light on, I figured the floodlight in the back of the driveway would be enough. Mind you, it is pretty dark already but I can see some of a glow anyway. I’m walking down to the mailbox and just a few feet before I get there I slip and I fall – landing on my left forearm. I’m left handed. I do most everything with that side!. We all know I tried to stop that fall or I would have just landed on my butt. So, I whimpered my way through the night, landed back on the couch at about 1 AM where Rudy and Chubby decided to race through the house and make all kinds of noise. Finally after my 100th millionth threat to throw them out in the snow around 2:30 they settled down and I turned the TV on real low. (Lifetime) I eventually fell asleep until I heard Grumpy’s alarm going off upstairs at about 5:15 AM. Needless to say, my backside doesn’t hurt, but I can’t lift my arm without a lot of pain. I’m sure I didn’t do anything major and I’m just going to be sore a few days but now today I’m going to be trying to keep the pain under control and try to get some sleep that my pain in the butt cats haven’t allowed me to get. Yeah, I still love them but last night I didn’t love them so much. lol

Now that I have whined to you all about my pain and misery I’ll tell you about the Eggnog Thumbprints I made earlier this week. The cookies I didn’t want to stop eating.

The cookies that even Grumpy liked (they are soft). The cookies I took to work on Monday and was scolded for doing so on a day when we also had a holiday luncheon. Just in case you are reading this: Yes, Jan, I’m talking about you. How dare you scold me 😉 !!

I’m all talked out so I’ll just tell you they are delicious. Especially that filling. Its creamy and yummy and I couldn’t get enough of that rummy filling in the center of the cookie.

Some notes about what I did:

  • I used rum. I just like it. What can I say? ha!
  • I didn’t “spoon” the filling. I used one of those amazing Wilton disposable piping bags. Works beautifully.
  • I did NOT get 50 cookies. I probably got about 2-1/2 dozen. I do not know how they got 50 cookies using 1″ balls. I think that has got to be a misprint. If anyone else makes these and actually gets 50 cookies, please tell me how you did it!

Eggnog Thumbprints
Better Homes and Gardens Cookies for Christmas

3/4 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 cup butter
1 cup sifted powdered sugar
1 Tablespoon rum *

In a large mixer bowl beat 3/4 cup butter till softened. Add sugar and brown sugar and beat til fluffy. Add egg, vanilla, and salt and beat well. Add flour and beat til well mixed. Cover and chill about 1 hour or till easy to handle.

Shape into 1-inch balls. Place 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet. Press down centers with thumb. Bake in a 350 degree oven about 12 minutes or till done. Remove and cool.

For filling, in a small mixer bowl beat 1/4 cup butter til softened. Add powdered sugar and beat till fluffy. Add rum and beat well. Spoon about 1/2 teaspoon filling into center of each cookie. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Chill till filling is firm. Makes about 50.

*You may substitute 1 tablespoon milk and 1/4 teaspoon rum extract for the rum.


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    I hope your arm is on the mend HoneyB. Ice can be so treacherous!!!! I know you have wonderful treats all around your home for the holidays…so control yourself while you are at home…wink…wink….

  2. says

    Oh man that had to hurt! I hope your arm feels better soon! I think you should take a long nap, then order dinner out cause it’ll be to painful for your arm to cook, have the kids do the dishes and stay on the couch till it’s time for bed. That’s my unoffical medical opion! LOL! These cookies look very good HoneyB, I like soft cookies!

  3. says

    Oh no!!! I hope your arm starts feeling better and you can get some rest! Ice is no fun!

    Those cookies look fantastic, though! You’re killing me with all this goodness that I MUST make! :)

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    Oh, ouch. Ice is nasty stuff. Schools have been closed all week here and we have another ice and snow storm in the forecast.

    So it’s cookie baking time. Love this recipe. Can’t wait to try it.

    Hope your arm heals quickly, HomeyB.

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    I think you have every right to whine. I hate cold weather too! I think we both live in the wrong place. Sorry about your fall! Hope you’re feeling better soon. Your cookies look lovely. I think I need a piping bag.

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    You poor little bunny! I hope you have enough rum left for pain management. :)
    The cookies look so very cute! Hubby has been asking for some with rum in them.

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    Love eggnog!

    I’m sorry about your mishap and hope it’s nothing major. I’m not a doctor but if its still swollen and hurts after a couple of days you should have it looked at. One of my twins just broke his hand in a freak accident and for a couple of days I thought (hoped) he just jammed his finger! Even when I took him in I thought it was nothing but I couldn’t ignore that after a couple days it was still swollen. Feel better!

  8. says

    Ouch! I hate falling. Last year I fell and hit my head, talk about pain. I hope your arm gets better. I hope we get some sun some, all we’ve been getting is rain and sleet. I’m so ready for summer.
    Maybe someone will make you dinner for a change.

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    Hi HoneyB!

    What a problem I really hope you’ll feel better of your arm!!
    So delicious this Eggnog I can experience the rum of this tantalizing recipe!!

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods

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    I hope your arm feels better and I’m with you on the weather. It has been psycho weather here in Chicago land.

    The cookies are beautiful and I bet they taste great.

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    As we know, upstate NY can be
    B-A-D in the winter. Take care of that arm and hope it feels better quickly.
    The egg nog cookies look super. I may have to try these while we are away!

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    I never get as many cookies as I am supposed to from recipes–wonder what says about me, lol. :)

    Those cookies are adorable–wish I liked rum.

    This post made me laugh a little (at myself) because I had been jealous of your weather. DOn’t get me wrong, I won’t be come March (I’ve lived in the snow belt) but I always wish for snow in December. We too have had the freezing rain–it was all black ice here last night. I hope your arm feels better soon–slipping and falling sucks. :(

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    We’re having the same terrible weather. I am so sorry about your fall…ugh. Eat some of these beautiful cookies – they’ll make you feel better.

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    I’m so so sorry about your arm – please do go and have it looked at, you don’t want to be suffering if there’s something that can be done. I can *so* relate to it, trust me!
    I was going to say that I couldn’t wait to veganize these, but I’m not going to , because I would eat them all! Every last one – they are too beautiful!

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    I guess I can’t complain about work being crazy right now and my computer at home is in the shop.
    It would be silly of me to complain about those trivial things. ~grins~
    I love eggnog!! I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday planned for baking. Will put these on my list.
    I hope your arm is better soon.

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    I was looking for a cookie to make for my book club tomorrow. I love how these look! Would they be transporter friendly? Two and a half dozen would work for me. If I stack them to go, will the centers be firm enough not to smooch together?

    I know it may be hard to get back to me because of your arm, so do not worry about it. I wish you the speediest of recoveries!

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    I’ve never thought about using an eggnog filling for these cookies but your recipe sounds so perfect! We have been getting rum eggnog since Thanksgiving so it will be nice to put it to another use. Great recipe!

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    Shelby, I hope your arm feels better and you are finally able to rest! :) These cookies look phenominal…I’m adding the ingredients to my grocery list right now..I have to make these.

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    Girl!! You better take care of that arm. Sometimes injuries are worse than you think. On the positive side what a great way to get lots of TLC – whining is sometimes good.

    And your cookies look great. Guess I better get baking….

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    Oh, I might have to add these to my christmas cookie list! I don’t personally like eggnog, but they sound delicious (for those people who do) and they look adorable.

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